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good day my champion!
I am polite 36 y.o. chick from Russia) presently I m searching for unspoiled male, This is e-mail for contact is! I am going to reply to You my picture!
Talk to you later

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Hello my friend xxx ! Can I call you my friend? I am pleased to read
your answer! It s very interesting to read your message! We don t know
you personally, but our first messages should be remembered for a long
time. this is new to me! We can talk on the phone, my mobile phone
number - +7-902-434-89-02! I don t have a phone at home! But you can
try calling me on my mobile phone number! I ll be glad to hear your

Thank you for your wonderful photos! I want to see more of your
photos! I love looking at your photos! You re an attractive man!
I already wrote you that I am from Russia! I live in Samara. I hope
that our distance between us does not interfere with our friendship
and communication! As you already know my name is Anastasiya ! But you
can call me - Nastena ) I am 36 years old, my birthday is on 25th of
December 1984 year . I am not married ! I have no kids !!! I am a free
girl !!! I have a daddy and a mummy ! My parents live in the next town

  • Togliatti ! I don t visit them often, but I am always happy when
    they come to visit ! I know that there are many interesting sites
    where people can find friends, facebook, and others! But I do
    not register on social networks! I do not use social networks! I find
    your message in my spam folder((( I will add your e-mail to my contact
    list, so that all your messages will go to my Inbox! I ask you to do
    the same!

As you understand, I m looking for a serious relationship, only a
serious relationship! Deep down, I m looking for my soul mate, my life
partner ! I m looking for a man I can trust. Who will love and respect
me . respect for each other and trust is the most important thing in a
relationship. What is the most important thing for you in a
relationship ? It is very interesting to me :) I want my man to be
kind, gentle and love me ! To make me feel like I m in safe hands,
like I m behind a stone wall. You know, I often feel lonely and I want
to have a man next to me that I will love ! Do you also get bored when
you re alone ? Write to me in more detail about yourself, about your
parents, friends ?! I am looking for a serious relationship, as I want
to create my own family and be a beloved woman! I hope that our
acquaintance with you will help us to get to know each other better! I
ask you to write to me about you! Now I want to tell you a little bit
about myself and my character, so that you can understand me better!!!

You have to remember that I work as a nurse. I work at a local
hospital. I am a very cheerful, energetic and cheerful girl, with a
good sense of humor and a romantic character. All my friends and
acquaintances say that I look young! This is all because I do a
healthy lifestyle and use face cream:). In the photo, I especially
look young, because I use some filters ))). I try not to use
cosmetics, which would look natural. I have a beautiful athletic body
because I do yoga and gymnastics. And if you wanted to ask me-I have
natural breasts))). And I am proud of my beautiful figure and
beautiful body))).

I am always happy when I can cheer up my loved ones ! I am an open
person at heart and my friends all know it ! It s always nice to talk
to someone and get to know them better. I want to get to know you
better! I really want to find my other half, as I am single. And I
don t have enough male warmth ! I m not married and I don t have any
children !!! I ve never been married. But I often put a ring on my
ring finger, so that Russian men would not molest me on the street. I
am a free girl without children!!! in your reply letter, you must tell
me about yourself so that I know you !!! I ask you these questions in
my letter, because I want to know if you are really open to further
relationships? Because it s very important to me ! I really want to be
your friend. I can tell you for sure that I am open to relationships,
and I want to continue to get to know you. I will now finish the
letter. I ll look forward to hearing from you tomorrow! I would also
be happy to see more of your photos !

                                Your friend Anastasiya.
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Hi my sweetheart. How are you doing? Have you started celebrating Christmas yet?
I want to congratulate you on the holiday and wish you happiness in the new year 2022.
I hope that you will answer me soon)