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First of all, I want to leave a pleasant impression of myself and introduce myself.
I am Anastasia, I am 34 yo, and my goal is to meet a man over 40 years old.
Most likely you have a question “why” here?
It s simple.
This age is the the most preferred for me, because for me personally, the age of a man is associated with aged wine
The younger the wine, the more acidic it is, and with age the wine acquires silkiness, harmony and balance.
Do you understand what I mean?
Maybe you didn t understand my comparison, but I tried to explain as much as possible in an artistic form and in understandable words what I mean.
After that, you probably thought that I like to drink often?
Not at all.
Of course, sometimes I drink, but very rarely and only in the company of close friends or relatives, but this comes more as a maintenance of traditions, and not a desire to drink alcohol.
I work as a fitness trainer, I do it professionally.
I am lucky that my work is also my hobby at the same time.
As I said at the beginning of my message, I want to leave a pleasant impression of myself and hope that your answer will not keep me waiting.
I would like to know more about you and what you do, I think it would be interesting to talk about various topics and learn more about each other.
I ll tell you more about myself in the next.