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Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 57262)

Hello! xxx - I already like your name. Its me again. I m happy receive your response. You disappointed me for not sending your pictures. What is the reason, is it so difficult to do? How do you do? Sorry to keep you waiting for an answer. I just found your email in my spam folder.
How was your day? How your mood? You look great in a diving suit. I never tried to dive but would very much like it.Me prefer an active life and training. For me it couldn t have been any other way, because of I work as a fitness coach and I very like my job. I can say about myself that I am an optimist of life because I can have fun every moment of life. I consider myself successful and earn decent money. I can fully pay for myself. I have a higher education, I have a degree in pedagogy, but instead of working in school I chose the job of a fitness instructor.
I rent an flat and live alone in the beautiful city of Dnipro, Ukraine. I love to travel and get to know new people and aboriginal culture. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions I have n t flown anywhere yet this year, I hope to have time to fix that before the New Year. I have already been to Turkey, Thailand and India with my sister. I have wonderful parents and a very friendly family. I also have a sister, and three great nephews. I understand when you don t have parents. I think we both know how hard this is. Any loss of a loved one is hard. But life teaches us that we need to move on no matter what.
I do not have children and have been divorced for over ten years ago. I guess everyone has something in their memory from the past that he regrets, my marriage was just such a delusion of youth. I don t want to remember much about something that left my life a long time ago, I always try to live in the present and have plans for the future. Now I want to meet a man with whom I will be calm and not afraid to talk any subjects. I want to be safe next my man. I think it is important in a relation to treat each other with understanding. I think that in a relationship, everyone has the right to personal space and time. For instance for meetings with close friends or favorite hobbies. Would you understand me? Perhaps one day I will visit Germany and even visit Duesseldorf, but I can only plan this after completing the plans I have already made.
It is very interesting to know more about your life. Tell me about your life experience, achievements and priorities. Do you consider yourself happy?
Well, it s time to finish writing.I have a training session planned for my glutes and legs, and I have to follow my training plan. I will glad to hear from you very soon.
Oops, sorry, I just decided to reread my letter and realized that I have already written a lot. I don t want to burden you with my thoughts. But whatever it was, now we can try to become good pen pals.
P.S. I wish you a lot of smiles today:) Some of my photos

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 57344)

Hey xxx! How are you doing? I wrote you a letter a few days ago, but never received an answer. I hope you saw my message. I have not received your answer, and honestly, I can not find a reason for this. Didn t you find the time to answer me? I don’t know why you didn’t answer. Maybe you are not interested in keeping in touch? It would be great to continue to write and get to know each other more. If you are not interested in continuing to talk with me, just tell me about it. I ll understand everything. I just want to understand our future prospects. I want you to be honest with me and tell me what you think. Hope to hear your answer soon. I wish you a good day and wonderful mood!!! Your friend Katya.
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Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 57381)

Hi xxx! How are you? I wrote you a message a few days ago, but never received a response from you. I hope you saw my message. You did not answer my letter, and honestly, I can not find a reason for this. Maybe you are not interesting to speak with me? I don’t know why you didn’t answer. Maybe you just didn t receive my letter? Perhaps we could continue to write to each other. Let s continue our communication and see what happens. I want you to be honest with me and tell me what you think. I just want to understand our future prospects. If you are not interested in continuing to talk with me, just tell me about it. I will be happy to see your letter. I wish you a wonderful day and good mood! Your new friend Katya.
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Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 57414)

Hello xxx. I m embarrassed that you ask for my naked photos. Is it really that important to you? Remember, I will never send you my naked photos, because I am very well raised by my parents. My parents will never approve if I send you naked photos of me. I will never do that. In addition, I am afraid and worried that these photos may get on the Internet. I hope you understand me.
I am glad that our acquaintance is moving forward. There is some unique romanticism in our communication by email. I hope this is a good start for our dating, but in the near future we might find a way to switch to different way of communication. It will probably be interesting for us to communicate when we get to know each other better. I really like to talk to you in emails. This makes it very easy to start dating and try to find common ground.
What else do I share with you about my life…? Well, I probably don t like disorder in the house and this year I started thinking about hiring a housemaid instead of cleaning the apartment yourself. I never leave garbage at flat, but I still have to wipe the clean several times a week. I don t know for what reason I m telling all this, I just think that you might be interested in it. And how do you imagine yourself in everyday life? What do you like? Aurora or sunset? As for my opinion about the relationships, I am sure that I need a man who could understand to me and give me wise advice, when necessary. This allows the relationship to be more tender and passionate. I am also sure that it is important to have a sexual connection in a relation. I am also sure that there should be a place for romance in a relationship. I can t imagine a relationship without an intimate life. I would like you to take the first step in this topic in our communication. Perhaps we should leave this topic until the meeting and we will see how everything happens? In any case, I don t mind talking about intimate topics without excess platitude, if this is interesting for you right now.
But it is equally important to have reciprocal understanding and solidarity. You need to be able to listen each other and find compromise solution. It is very important to support each other s initiatives, to be able to help both in career and personal growth. I hope to learn more about you better and understand how compatible we are, evaluate our prospects. I am sure that, this is quite difficult to do with the help of e-mail, and it would be great to meet each other one day. If it comes to that, you can go to me in Dnipro or Kiev. Or maybe in the future I could fly to Germany.
I am not afraid of difficulties and changes, but only time can show what will happen in the future. I would like to hope that our correspondence now to become the starting point in our relations in the future. I really like to communicate with you, I feel that in our dialogue there is something exotic, fascinating. And I hope that it will continue.
There is something else I want to say, my mother has recently been an anniversary, she turned sixty years old. The whole family gathered for the birthday, and there a very pleasant atmosphere reigned. Everyone was wonderfully dressed, and they had a wonderful mood. I will send you some photos of my family from the holiday
Well, I noticed that I wrote a big letter, it s time to finish. I want to hope that you have found my email and photos interesting, and I will see your comments and quick answer.
I am with my mother

Mailnummer: 5 (Mail-ID: 57491)

Hello xxx.
How is the weather in Duesseldorf? I am very pleased that you like my feet. I couldn t leave a compliment from you without a comment. Thank you!It is very pleasant for me to read your mails, every time I read your answer, I finding that I can get to know you better. I understand that you are probably can be my man, I feel that I can trust you all my emotions and thoughts. You may get tired of reading my letters, but I don t see any other way to tell you everything about me that I want to tell you.
Today I would like to talk to you about the plans and prospects of our relations. At this moment it s a long-distance relationship, but I am think that this can grow into something more, personally I would really like that. It is very important to me how I feel about you. Do you have a dream about the future? I think that we should always dream about something, I have no doubt that someone who lives without a dream can not be happy. Family is a big responsibility, above all to each other. Now I am ready to start a family. I m tired of the city bustle and I want to have my own nest, where everything is quiet, calm and comfortable, and my beloved man is near. The family should have a place to hide from the everyday hustle and bustle. It can be an apartment in a big city or a small house in the far corner of the world, the main thing is to be warm and strong relations. I would like to find a man with whom I could feel one, be a team. A man with whom I can speak frankly and honestly on any topic. That he could understand my sexual desires and fantasies. And do not hesitate to share their own. Intimacy is a very important moment in a relationship, but for me the spiritual connection is always in the first place. I want to make decisions and consult on difficult issues together. Experience joy and frustration together. Pass through all life barriers and moments of indescribable happiness holding hands. I m looking for a soul mate, with which I can become one. It is important for me that a man always remains a gentleman and never me did not physically offend. Of course, in any relationship, quarrels are possible, but life becomes a chore without minor troubles.
Back in late spring, I submitted the documents, but due to the heavy workload of the embassy due to Covid it was a little delayed. Now I am waiting for a decision on issuing my work visa for two years. Now I am waiting for a decision on issuing my work visa for 2 years. I am sure that it would be reasonable to buy tickets in advance as, since it is cheaper and tickets will already be paid in advance. But at the moment I need to wait for a positive response from the embassy. Anyway, if you find an possibility to go, I will be very happy to see you as a guest if you come here.
Success is not just about money, for me personally, happiness and success is a balanced state of soul and mind. You can be sure that these are only positive thoughts, but sometimes sexual thoughts and fantasies arise in my head. It is very important for me to have a warm and tender relationship in a married. I choose fall asleep next to my man, the same plaid, under in the same bed. I want to touch each other before sleep, but I don t want falling asleep in an embrace, the human body needs to relax and get a lot of air.
Anyway, I want our first nights to be sleepless. I am glad that I can tell you about my innermost desires. What do you think about this, maybe I m in a hurry? My mother is my best friend, and I very want to share to about us my mom. We always try to take care of each other and our family.
Think I should share this with you. I will always talk with you honestly and without hesitation. I want to tell you so much now that it s even a little surprising for me. I was vaccinated against Covid-19. Personally, I was vaccinated for several reasons, it is important not only to protect my health, but also for the ability to travel around the world. In addition, the vaccination certificate was included in the list of necessary documents for residents of Ukraine to travel. I have long decided for myself that I want to leave Ukraine and build my life in.
This is the reason why I sent you my first message. I am very interested in getting to know you more, I want to know about all aspects of your life. It seems that I have told a whole novella for you, I don t want to bore you with my chatter. I ll be wait, write to me. Kiss, your Katya.
P.S. Only to you

Mailnummer: 6 (Mail-ID: 57492)

Hello xxx. It seems that I forgot to tell you about my little gift. I decided to make you a surprise. Every week I buy in 5 lottery tickets in the hope of ripping a jackpot. But this week, I decided that I register two lottery tickets on your email. When I was buying a lotto tickets, I had a thought in mind, namely : why don t I buy lottery tickets for you?! Of course, I always remain a realist, but I have already won more than 1000 euros, but this happens no more than two times a year. In my opinion, I think that only the one who plays nothing wins, and I like the feeling of excitement in front of the drawing lotto. I bought lotto tickets your name and email address Very often,Often this message from the lotto comes to the Spam folder. So be sure to check the folder junk for the presence of a e-mail from the lottery. Please do not miss this message. Sometimes e-mail from the lotto company fall into the spam folder. If there are no message in your email inbox, most likely e-mail from the lottery company fell into junk. I do not know how you will treat my surprise and I thought it would be an great idea I hope that you liked my little gift.
I have time to finish the letter. I hug you tightly and kiss you on the lips Your Katya.

Mailnummer: 7 (Mail-ID: 58100)

Warm Greeting xxx! How s tricks? I wrote you a message a few days ago, but never received an answer from you. Have you received it? I still have not heard you, and honestly, I can not find an explanation for this. Didn t you find the time to answer me? I do not know the reason for your silence, maybe you are not interested in keeping in touch? It would be great to continue to send message and get to know each other more. I want you to be honest with me and tell me what you think. I just want to understand our future prospects. If you are not interested in continuing to talk with me, just tell me about it.If you are not interested in continuing to speak with me, just tell me about it. I ll understand everything. I just want to understand our future prospects. I will be glad to hear from you soon. I wish you a wonderful day and a great mood! Your friend Katya.
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