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Vorgang: 20112

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53700)

Hello xxx,
Have a nice Tuesday and thank you for your letter to me.
I only saw your message once, after which you disappeared somewhere
What you wrote me sounds good.
I like to join your thoughts. and I would like to know more about you.
Where are you from and how old are you?
Mariya is my real name. It s actually not a nickname.
I still want to ask you
That name xxx This is your nickname
What s your real name?
Can you send me your cell phone number?
then we can communicate on WhatsApp
I would be very glad if you could send me your photos there.
But first you better send it here
Is it possible that you can send me a short video with you?
Then try to greet me on video,
maybe my eyes will shine from it.
Hopefully you also want to go on and who knows what is to come,
I would like to follow your call and chat with you in a messenger and admire your beauty.
Warm greetings

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 53840)

Hello xxx,
I wish you a good start this Fridayafternoon
I would like to contact you so that we can get to know each other better.
A couple of days ago, I already remind you of myself,
but you didn t even react to that
I just think you can t see my letter
because it arrived in the wrong folder in your mailbox
And so I decided to try to remind myself one more time
what if I get lucky this time and you will see that I m knocking on you
and you open what I write and finally remember me
Once you wrote to me and after that I have not heard anything about you,
I decided to try to write to you again suddenly you are still interested
My name is Mariya and that s my correct name.
I have the opportunity to communicate with you every day in the application
via a mobile phone number for whatsapp
You can even see me on the chat camera if you like my, Hello to you.
I m looking for a man who can live with me
Probably it s right to say directly to your face what I m looking for without hiding around the bends
What were you looking for when you wrote to me earlier?
The same as me? I guess right
I still want to ask you
That name - xxx This is your nickname?
What s your real name?
tell me about yourself too
Hope very much, your remail brings light into all the darkness
with which you are still enveloped,
so a warm greeting and have a nice day
Photo from the fitting room is the best I have right now
Kind regards Mariya

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 56239)

Hello xxx,
Today on Monday I have a very sunny day and the sun shines brightly and warms me with rays.
And there is sure to be sunny weather in your city today too!
In this Autumny sunny weather and the sun is now shining bright and warm!
I m sorry I didn t answer you earlier
I couldn t reply you sooner as my power adapter burned out and I replaced it under warranty.
Thank God that I can now reply to your letter.

First of all, thank you very much for your great letter and your interest in me.
Of course I would like to get to know you better or learn more about you. I see your letter in my mailbox.
I have never received such a tender letter.

My name is Mariya, but others just call me: Mary - This is my short nickname.
What is your full name?
I am 35 years old. I am only 177 cm tall.
How old are you? How tall are you?
I am not married and have never been there
but i m looking for a relationship to start a family
However not yet found the right luck so far.
I am looking for the true love that I have not been able to find so far.
But I am always optimistic and keep fighting.
I liked your words very much and I feel that way too.
For me this relationship means absolute togetherness, loyalty,
Honesty and of course love, necessary for a life together
Is the basis for being happy.

I live in Turkmenistan. I live in the city of Ashgabat.
Where do you live? What is your town called?

Every Saturday morning I run about 3 miles in a nearby park to keep myself fit.
I like to go for a walk in the fresh air, but I do it alone.
Because I don t have a relationship and I m looking for it.
I don t smoke and occasionally drink a good red wine.

I work and have a stable average income.
My job is as a stretching trainer for women.
Women come to me for stretching who need to stretch their muscles and be in the right shape.
And I also give exercises on proper nutrition for a month.
Overall, it s my job to make sure that the woman who turns to me is in the right athletic shape.
Stretch Your Muscles, Exercise Your Muscles, And Eat Well.
Here are 3 main complexes I give women that control this lifestyle.
A month later, everyone who came to me is getting great results.
Lose weight, get limber and energetic.

Today I have a photo for you where you will see me on the street in warm weather.
and the second photo I take when I m at work.
I really love my job and I love making women happier and feeding them proper nutrition to lose weight and then exercising to stretch their muscles.

I also want to send you a video of me on how to properly stretch muscles.
look at me here http://file.sampo.ru/qr37wn/

You can see my stretch on my video
and thanks to the fact that I love my job, women come to me to make them as flexible as me.
I don t want to praise myself, let alone wear laurels,
but i just think that everyone is good at something.
I m good at making everyone flexible and energetic and getting their bodies in the best shape.
Everyone is good at something. For example: Chef - Cook well and tasty.
As a taxi driver, he drives better and knows how to get to the place correctly and quickly.
A veterinarian who knows how to treat animals properly and make the world a friendlier place.
For example, where do you work? And what are you best at in life?

Everyone works where they can do something best.
When something doesn t work, you have to try your hand at something else.
That would be nice to work with.
So to speak. Combine business with pleasure.
Where do you work? And what do you do at work
Do you like your job?

I hope I have made you curious and am waiting for your answer. Who knows, our conversation might come together and develop into a relationship. I am very excited.

Maybe you can tell me about yourself, so I m waiting for your next letter.

I wish you a nice Monday and I greet you back.
best regards, Mariya

Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 56490)

Hello My dear xxx
I wrote you a letter yesterday, but apparently you never received it.
The reason I do not know. I am sending you a letter, but you do not answer me in response.
I suspect that you are not receiving my emails due to the fact that they arrive in your wrong mailbox folder.
I want to tell you that you would check all the folders in your mailbox to make sure that my letters are in the wrong folder in your mailbox.
I am sending this short letter just to inform you of this thought.
I will continue to communicate with you as soon as I see your new letter for me.
Today is Tuesday and I am writing this letter to you at 14:05 time.
I really hope that you will answer me back very soon.
I look forward to your feedback on me.
Now I will continue to do my job.
I think of you
Your Mariya

Mailnummer: 5 (Mail-ID: 56505)

Hello dear xxx,
Thank you very much for answering me, that s why you should also get an answer.
My name is still Mariya, my birthday is 13 November and I m 35.
I will probably have to tell you a few sentences about myself to start a dialogue
Then you would know me better.
I am a simple girl from Turkmenistan.
The city where I was born and raised is called Ashgabat.
If you have a wish see my city
I am sending you a link where you can see my city.

I am looking for a man with whom I could have a family.
I want to share all chores, wash and tidy up for my beloved man, and prepare delicious dinner, breakfast and lunch.
I want my future husband to be honest with me and always take care of me, always protect me.
In other words, I want to stand behind the man and feel protected.
When I feel loved and the only one for my husband. And if my husband doesn t look to the left at other female pussies, I ll do what my beloved husband asks of me. I will be a faithful and devoted woman and I will always respect my husband.
But since I m still not married and have no husband, I keep looking and really want to have a man who loves me deeply.

But I haven t met a man like that, so I m lonely.
I really want that one day I had my dear and beloved husband.
My heart is free You can be my man if you want me yourself.

Tell me too, what do you want in life?
It would be very interesting to read your mind.

So we can exchange ideas
Do we need to write more about each other? Do you agree?

my family history is a little complicated, but like that
I would write another time.

I am a humorous, tolerant, cosmopolitan, down-to-earth, open-minded and versatile person.
For me, honesty, loyalty, tolerance and reliability are more important than excessive luxury and pretended perfection and almost exaggerated ideals of beauty.
In terms of togetherness, I take the point of view that people are not made for being alone.

My hobbies and interests include literature, photography, cooking, baking and grilling, listening to music,
Art and culture, history, geography, writing and answering emails, crossword puzzles, hiking in nature,
Bicycle tours, relaxing with classical music, cinema or DVD evenings, visiting old walls (castles, palaces, etc.),
Audiobooks, long conversations, making and maintaining friendships, meeting nice people …..

What about my job I will tell you now.
I have been working as a stretching trainer for a long time, I enjoy the job even if it is exhausting.
Women come to me to stretch who need to stretch their muscles and be in the right shape.

Most often women come to me who are not young for a long time, but have defects in the body. Most of the time it s overweight, body fat.
For many women, the figure is lost after giving birth and the man does not see her as a woman.
And here it is my job to make a woman desirable again for her husband.
Thanks to me and my efforts, I make women more beautiful and sexier and her husband wants to go to bed with them again. Well you understand me
After all, there is an opinion that a man does not want to sleep with his wife if she is very overweight. and a man doesn t want a woman like that in bed.
I give women a list of how to eat properly so as not to get overweight, and in my classes, women lose excess weight and get a nice figure with it.
About a month of training on a woman every day and I can make a candy out of her. And her husband wants to go to bed with her.
Some girls come to me not to lose weight, but to gain flexibility in their bodies.
I help the girls do the splits. Do you know how to do the splits?
To do the balancing act, you need to properly develop the muscles and prepare in a few weeks.
When a girl knows how to do the splits, she feels young and full of energy.
I can give you a little weight loss diet if you need it.
I could also teach you how to properly do the splits. But do you need it that is the question.

I just do what I want
And that s my job.
What do you think in your country or in your city?
Do you need a specialist like me?
how much would I earn?
If I work the same way in your town?

Not so long ago I sent you a video of how I did the splits.
But when I understood that you couldn t open my video
So I ll try again to send my videos to you
You will also see a video of me doing splits in my kitchen, this video is only for your eyes.
Forgive me for sending you a video through a link. I just can t attach a video to an email as the mailbox refuses
and my email suggests large files to download here.
Open and see here: http://file.sampo.ru/rdggg5/

I ve included a couple of photos of me at work for you and the second photo I m at home.
So you can see me from all angles.

Current photos will follow little by little, it depends on how our communication develops.

I would be very happy if my message does not go unanswered, time will decide what will develop.

I hope you can do something with my lines and I am very much looking forward to your answer.
I am looking forward to reading from you. Hope to see you soon???
Best wishes to you, Mariya.

Mailnummer: 6 (Mail-ID: 56551)

Hello xxx autumny greetings back to you
I have just returned home and my work day is over.
Today was a difficult and exhausting day.
I am so glad that I can write to you again today and
And to answer your questions and share a few more thoughts with you.

I want to tell you how my day starts
Well, I take a shower every morning, but then someone is often missing to wash your back.
For me the fastest way to cleanse your body and make it fit for the day.
And when I get home from work, I take another shower to remove the sweat and strain of work.
In general, I like to take a shower very often
because water washes away the worst and leaves the best behind.
Try it for yourself in the morning when you wake up and take a shower.

It is also necessary to speak the words out loud to yourself as if to wish this to yourself.
Tomorrow morning when you go to the shower
tell yourself the following:
May this day be the best and wash the worst off me with water!
Try this tomorrow! and you will see what happens!
You must feel like something has changed in your life!

You already know that I am a stretching trainer.
I work and have a stable average income.
It s my job that makes a profit, but my salary, but it s not that much money.
Most likely, this is the income I can live on and buy groceries on.

I didn t choose this profession by chance.
I ve always liked doing good to people
That s why I decided to work on this job
Where I ll be useful with something.

Every day I work on women s bodies and help them find a slim body.
I do women a good deed and give them a beautiful figure + muscle stretching,
and when women come home they show their men their flexibility and slim figure,
In fact, to some extent, I am helping save the families of people who have mutually undesirable to one another.
Thanks to my work on diet and exercise in women, their husbands want to have sex with them again in bed.
I think that with my work on women I saved more than one family for them.
Maybe hundreds of families, who knows!

But now you know where and how I make a living.
I am lonely and I can only rely on my own strength.
I don t have anyone to ask for help or support
There is no one who can take care of me.
I have to work job.
This is the only way I will have enough money to buy everything I need.
Every month I pay utility bills for the apartment, gas, heating, electricity.

Can you describe how your day went and what was interesting about your work?
It will be easier for me to imagine your day and how your life works?

After all, you probably have a creative job too?
and all the same utility bills you need.
Are you smoking a lot? How often do you like to drink alcohol?

I already told you, I live in Turkmenistan in the city of Ashgabat. I was born in this city.
I don t smoke and I don t drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and I don t have time to drink alcohol. And I don t have time to smoke!
I am alone, have never had a family and am looking forward to a serious relationship for living together.
If I ever meet a correct and loyal man, then I would like to try to build a relationship with him, suddenly we would have a family.
By the way, I ve never been married and I don t have any children.

Today I want to show you a piece of myself.
For this I will send you a photo of me
and thanks to my photo you can introduce yourself to me in real life
Open the attached photos and see
My photo from work, taken during a break.

I want to show you what my working day is like.
almost every day I make women happier,
I ll show them an example so they can see what to strive for.
I am sending you my video from one of my working days.
Forgive me for sending you a video through a link. I just can t attach a video to an email as the mailbox refuses to do so
and my email suggests large files to download here.
Open and see here: http://file.sampo.ru/t88r4d/

Here is a description of what is shown in my videos.
I m sending you today
The first video (1) shows you how I like it
It s a lot of fun to cook food and try something new.
So the first video is about how I love to cook.

In the second video (2) this is my working day
How do I like what I do during the work day
and be a role model for everyone who wants to change something in their life.

In the third video (3) your eyes can see how I like it
The third video is about how I introduce myself dancing
my movements evolve and won t let my waist grow old.
It is also possible to put on a dress and go dancing.
How do you do the splits while standing on one leg?
All in one video, just for you.

Fourth video with me
I would call it this:
Funny video with me, where from bottom to top, but at the same time there is nothing to be seen

There should always be a place where you can just fool around and not be serious
This fourth video is funny in nature,
Video in which I just have fun because the sun is warming.

I will continue these thoughts in my next email.
So, my dear xxx, I wish you a nice rest of the day and look forward to your answer.
I will finish my line at this point, now I have to take a shower and relax after a day at work.
Kind regards, Mariya.

Mailnummer: 7 (Mail-ID: 56977)

Hello xxx and with a bright start to a good sunny day
I have today such sunshine day
and I want this Thursday morning
share rays of warmth with you
I send you rays of warmth through this letter
I imagine it like this
that as soon as you open my letter,
then watch the video that I send to you today,
then you will see my new photos for you xxx
Then your soul will become sunny and warm.
And so, along with this letter, I want to send you my video for you,
as well as my photos for you,
what would it warm and please the whole day.

xxx now, at the moment when I continue to write to you,
I have a new idea, and with it I want to share with you xxx
To be more precise, today I want to ask you to do this:
I also want to ask you to print my photo and hang it on the wall or in a frame.
So that when you look at me and my photo on your table warm your heart!
And I want you to send me a photo report, how you printed me
and which photo frame did you choose for my photo.
Send me a photo so that I can see that you have printed my photo and my photo is framed on your table.

My sunny morning mood I convey to you through the video
I can t send or attach my video by email,
And I will send you my video that you can watch here
My video file is here: http://file.sampo.ru/t2q8f6/
Check out my video, after watching the video, you will have a pleasant mood.

I would to touch you with my hands one day,
to feel your stubble on your face, or just hold your hand.
And I would do it if you were next to me now.
At that moment, you could feel me and then get goosebumps on your body.
I think that we are adults and it is not a shame to write such things,
on the contrary, it enlivens our communication.
Now I together with this letter send to you xxx
rays of kindness and warmth, and as soon as you open my solar letter, you can feel it all
See you soon. kiss and hugs, Mariya

Mailnummer: 8 (Mail-ID: 56990)

Dear xxx,
Thank you very much for your lines and those sent along
kind words in your letter, which I like very much
I represent you in real life and if I m not mistaken
You are a very beautiful and attractive man, I have to put it that way.
I would like to answer your questions first.
I was very cheated on by my last man, so I rarely write about my last relationship because it hurts xxx.

I hope and really want to believe that you would never dare hit or insult a woman.
Because I think so. Only cowards and broken guys do that.
And have you never hit a woman or anything like that ???
something like that only shows insecurity and weakness towards women.
Unfortunately, this happens far too often in our society and is often not noticed, which I find very sad.

What I like.
I like cooking-baking-grilling, getting to know good humor, nice people,
hike in nature, love to laugh, sit by the bonfire,
eating by candlelight, listening to music and concerts, theater,
Summer, sunflowers, friendships, cinema, compliments,
Togetherness with a man, picnic outdoors,
taking photos, kisses, making small gifts, erotic,
Cycling, naturalness, sunshine, going for a swim, sometimes even naked.

What I don t like is violence against women, children and the elderly,
Selfishness, avarice, false friends, lack of humor, prejudice, bad mood.

What do I like in terms of togetherness, love and sexuality: I like intimate kisses on all parts of the body,
cuddling, showering together, shaving, massaging each other with body oil, lingerie,
please any form of sex, trust, for example mutual intimate shaving,
lying naked in bed or on the couch and looking at each other ..

So, I hope my frank words didn t embarrass or even annoy you ???

I imagine a partnership that you stick together, if things don t go so well, you hug others and comfort them.
But you also do a lot of beautiful things together, you can also go for a walk hand in hand through nature, then take a seat on a bench and enjoy the area and also the men next to me.

I didn t have a man for a long time because I was very disappointed with what happened to me.
I would really like to love you, because for me love is something very
It is precious to take and give and that for the whole of my life I would also like to read your wishes from your eyes, it is also to trust each other and only love and be faithful to one man I have absolutely enough of unfaithfulness.

I went to work every day. Had about an hour to drive in the house where we lived on the fourth floor but without a lift.
so that was actually just the prehistory, when I came home earlier once I saw a great catastrophe,
but I heard strange noises went into the bedroom and looked there I saw the woman naked with a penis in her mouth,
My ex-boyfriend was standing beside
That was awful. I take them all their clothes and threw everything out the window
then the woman and ex-boyfriend had to go out and walk around the stairs naked and after that I never saw them again.

Then I set myself the task of finding an honest and stable relationship !!!

This morning I had a light snack. I rarely eat at lunchtime. Because I have to work until evening after lunch and I find it difficult when I stuff my stomach with food. And at lunchtime I get a Black tea. Sometimes I really like to drink cappuccino or coffee with cream.
And I had time to take a picture. And I ll send you a photo of myself.
I wore a dress today. You can see for yourself.
I don t always want to wear sportswear, I am a woman and I want to look feminine.
Do you like it when i wear a dress
What thoughts do you have when you see me in a dress?

After work evening, when everyone was leaving, I had a minute to shoot this video clip for you.
and today i want to send you another video in which you will see me at work.
Yes. Yes. I work most of my life. I am a workaholic))
I couldn t attach the video to the letter. Because my mailbox refuses to attach large videos to the letter.
And my inbox invited me to upload a video to the website.
so you can see my video on the link
Open and watch my video here: http://file.sampo.ru/zgn82k/

I want to add a little description to my videos again,
to shed some light on when I turn it all and why:
I m shooting video number 1 the moment the workday was over
and they whirled butterflies around in my stomach and I decided to shoot this wonderful clip for you,
here you can see how much I stretch my body and how long I can sit on the splits.
Video number 2 was filmed after work a few days ago when I was alone on my headphones.
and in the headphones I played slow compositions that helped me organize my thoughts.
Video number 3 was shot in a gym that I go to several times a month.
I go there because there is always fitness equipment to warm up the body on.
Headphones in my ears, no matter what distracts, and I ll do what I came here to do.
After every workout, I always take a shower and wash whatever I sweat, and these are all parts of my body.
Do you shower after exercising?

So, my dear xxx, I hope you don t hold my openness against me or think anything else of me, but I am for honesty and respect.
I wish you a nice evening. I send you a big kiss
Kind regards, Mariya