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Hi My:-)
could you please scrumptious chat:-)
now I am looking for complete man;-)
Im curvy 33 y.o. mistress:) I will send You my picture:)

it s Email box for reply;-)

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mr. charming!
good day my goodness!

I hope you can brave talks.

I am solitary opportune 33 y.o. miss. immediately I m searching for likable male:)
Response to me at;-)
I will send You my photo.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 53325)

Greetings! Glad to meet you.Thanks you that you answered my letter! I
would like to say that I really want to get to know each other better.
I m looking for a responsible man with serious intentions for real
love and relationship, i don t need flirt. My goal to meet a serious
man for a joint purpose in life. Even you re much older than me, you
can respond to this message. I was born in Russia and now I live here,
i hope to get to know each other better will not be a big problem. In
my life there were not many men, but I hope that with your coming my
life will sparkle with new vivid colors! I understand that many people
have is not very good attitude to the Russian girls, but in Russia
there are a lot of good people, and I will prove it to you in our
communication!!! I am a good woman, and I wish that we have fellowship
with one another with kindness and mutual respect. In the following
letter I will tell about myself more in detail about my life and my
preferences. I ll send you my photo so you can see me. I hope you
enjoy it! I wish you a good day! I ll wait for your answer.

Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 53385)

Hi xxx! This again writes to you Polina. Forgive me, for what did
not immediately respond to your letter. I do not even know how to
begin my letter to you. After all, I never met on the Internet and
this is my first experience of dating on the Internet. I have never
been before in Germany , but I know it is a very beautiful and
wonderful country. I will try to tell you a little about myself. I
live in Russia, and later I will tell you about my home town of
Buzuluk. I don t drink alcohol and has never smoked! I don t have kids
and I ve never been married, but I always wanted to have children and
I loved to take care of them when I had the opportunity to do so. I
want to know more about you. I ll try to tell more about yourself that
would be able to get to know each other better. I have a good sense of
humor. I think in the future you will be able to see it. The idea of
online Dating came to me suddenly. We sat with a friend in a cafe and
talked a lot about life. I ve known her since early childhood. My
friend said, that now acquaintance on the Internet more popular among
people who are looking for their soul mate. She met her husband on a
Dating site, her husband is from Austria. Now they have a daughter and
for them this is a great event! Will continue to tell about myself. I
do not have a profile on he Internet. I am not registered in social
networks such as Facebook and others, as me it never interested, but I
always wanted to find my second half! Then my friend suggested me to
use advantage of the Dating Agency. We went to the Dating Agency of
our city and I have considered some profiles, but I decided to write
only to you. If not for my friend, I would never have dared to take
this step, but thanks to her, we can dialogue. Of course I m a little
confused and I don t know what to write.I wish to tell you just what
I m looking for in a man. I hope for your decency because I search for
love and sincere relationship. For me it is important that the man was
kind, attentive and responsive. I hope that these qualities you have
and our purposes can coincide. I want to tell about yourself so we
could learn about each other more. I hope you correctly understand me
and my English. I started learning English in when I was in school.
Now I know its at a good level. If you don t understand me, you can
use a translator! My can You look at the photo to see my physical
data. My growth of 170 centimeters, weight of 56 kilograms. I have
many interests.I like to learn new things. I was born on November 30,
1990, I am 30 years old. My Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. What Zodiac
sign do You have? I d be happy to answer any questions that interest
you. I am very interested to know more about you, about your life,
interests and country in which you live. If you want to know more
about me, I wait your letter and photos :-) of course I will be very
happy if you answer me.

Your sincerely, Polina.

Mailnummer: 5 (Mail-ID: 53620)

I wish you a good mood and a good weekend!