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Vorgang: 20344

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 57160)

Hey xxx! This is me Kseniya, I hope you haven t forgotten me. Unfortunately, I could not write to you yesterday, I could not go to the old mail, because I forgot my password. Now I have created a new mail and with pleasure I want to continue communication with you. I will be glad to receive your letter.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 57193)

Hello xxx, I ve been waiting all day to answer you. I thought you would write to me or not. And now I open the email, and I see your letter. It immediately became pleasant. I wonder what you do all day and how you spend it. Tell us more. And I ll tell you about myself. Ask me about everything that interests you. I wrote to you from the old mailbox, but unfortunately I forgot my password. Now this is my new mailbox and now we can communicate again. Send me your photos and tell me more about yourself, it will be nice for me to receive a letter from you. By the way, I forgot to write you that I live in Russia. Do you mind this? I think that distance is not a problem for our communication. Tell me, what is your idea of ​​Russia? Because I know that many people speak very badly about Russia, especially in Europe. But this is not the case. Agree that in every country there are bad people, and good ones. I want to get to know you better. My personal life has turned out badly. And I m very lonely in this world. I have never in my life met a man whom I could really love. Of course there was a man in my life. But I couldn t really love. Moreover, he cheated on me with my best friend. Therefore, over time, it began to seem to me that my love is somewhere far away from me. And so I decided to try my happiness on the Internet. I am already 28 years old. Years go by, and I don t even have anyone to talk to, I have no one to open my soul to. It’s very good that you wrote to me. I really enjoyed writing to you. And it seems to me that I can trust you. Most of my friends are already married and have children. Talking to them, I understand that life is very cruel. There are good times and bad times in life. But they do not feel the way I do, because there is a loved one next to them. They have someone to lean on. There is a second half that will support you in difficult times. In the evening, when I come home, I don t even know what to do, sometimes I want to dissolve, disappear. Loneliness overcomes my soul. How I wish there was a man next to me whom I truly fell in love with! What exactly do you want in life? I wish you to find a second half in the near future. Youth passes, and I want to be happy. So that the people who are next to me were the same happy. I hope that you were interested in learning about me, and our interests coincide. I ll be waiting for your letter. In this letter, I will again send you some of my photos. I think you have something to write to me.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 57453)

Hey xxx! What does all this mean? I m not interesting to you? I don’t understand why you don’t answer my letters. I want to know the truth. I hope that you will answer me soon.