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Vorgang: 20204

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 55442)

Hello mine I hope the friend xxx . I speak it I hope that we shall be friends but can and more when I learn you for now I want to begin our dialogue with representation. I want to tell to you about myself about the life and to know about yours but not all at once. If it to write in one letter to you mine xxx the friend that it will borrow a lot of time and you will be tired to listen to it. So I think that you with me will agree also we gradually we shall learn about each other more.
I shall begin the story about myself with that that I the young girl.
My growth 5 " 7 and weight of 54 kg. To me of 30 years. I not so long ago have finished university in our city by a trade the seller the adviser and now I work in a department of sales of clothes for all people from small up to great. Can and on this you see that that I dress that that is pleasant to me and approaches for me. From my friends it is pleasant to much as I put on. Whether they frequently take me with themselves in shop when they buy a new thing that I could prompt them good things and she will approach for them. But I to you shall tell about it another time if it will be interesting to you.
Thanks for your photos, you very beautiful man, and I am glad that we
Have got acquainted You probably think for what I started search of people from the Internet? I to you shall tell that I do not have house of a computer and I write to you from Internet - cafe but my girlfriend has computer and the Internet and I can sometimes write from it but not so frequently as it would be desirable.
I have decided to search on the Internet of new friends for dialogue and it is possible favourite which person to me so does not suffice. The matter is that earlier at me the favourite person was but it has thrown me when has met the new woman more nice than I and probably it is better than I. I the first time longed and did not know as I shall live but nevertheless I have coped with it and started a new life and as you now know search new familiar and it is possible if it will turn out that of which new love to me so does not suffice.
I live in Russia in small city under the name Kanash. It is small city but I love it as I in it have grown and never left it.
xxx probably all that I to you wanted to tell in my first letter. I would like to tell to you more but it will borrow a lot of time and forgive me if my English language not so good but I try and due to our correspondence I hope that it will improve. How you understand my English?
Dear tell to me in the letter on, on that why you search the woman that for you important. I very much want to listen about you and to understand that you for the person.
I shall be in expectation of your letter. Yours faithfully Yulia.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 55443)

Dear xxx I am very glad that you have answered my letter. You do not imagine as I I you am happy also understand that as well as I want to learn me. You are very pleasant for me that as want to learn me.
Dear xxx I do not know that to you to tell and speak as for me it for the first time gets acquainted on the Internet and to write to you. But I nevertheless shall try.
I want to tell to you about my childhood and I hope to you it will be interesting. I have grown in family with mum and the daddy and I do not have sisters and brothers. But I dreamed about younger brothers or sisters that I could watch them and as mum to bring up them but unfortunately I one in family. I in my first letter spoke you that I have lived all time in this city. I have overlooked to specify to you that I was born in village there where my grandmother now lives. I was born there and have lived not so many 3 years and then mum and the daddy have moved together with me to city and in the beginning we did not have apartment. We removed her but gradually when mum and the daddy worked and I was in a kindergarten they have earned money to an apartment but certainly the grandmother and the aunt have helped us to get an apartment and now we live in it. You can be will ask why I speak constantly the grandmother and there is no word the grandfather? Yes I love the grandfather but unfortunately it was lost on Great Domestic War against Fascism. The grandmother to me frequently told about that as the grandfather was at war. About that as it battled for the sake of the country against aggressors. Both I am grateful also to it and to many other veterans which have given the life for the sake of our love that we lived in the quiet country instead of the oppressed aggressors. I am grateful to them and if not they then probably we would not be now.
Forgive road that I have departed a little that that wanted to tell earlier and nearly have not overlooked. I want to tell to you about my parents. Mine the daddy while I was small and we lived in village it worked in collective farm and now already elderly person and it on pension. But as soon as we have moved to city it worked as the veterinary of pets as he has veterinary formation and in collective farm it was the veterinary. It very much respected and sometimes when his help of it is necessary ask to arrive and consult as better to make as after him there came in collective farm new not so skilled people.
And my mum works as the culinary specialist in a dining room. She prepares for a remarkable meal very tasty and pleasant. When I suspected whom I shall go that studies she wanted that I have gone studies as the culinary specialist but I did not want it. Yes the woman should be able is tasty and it is good to prepare but I wanted to be the seller the adviser and I have chosen it. But I to prepare I love also me mum quite often learns new tasty and very simple dishes. My most favourite dish is “Olivier s” salad very tasty. Which I prepare for this my favourite dish for holidays and very much it is pleasant to my mum. As I like to prepare for “Borshch” and a potato in French. It is a potato baked with slices of meat and with cheese. I am very tasty also with pleasure would prepare you for all these dishes that you could estimate that as I prepare.
Excuse me xxx but it is time to me to go for work. I for some time have closed the department to write to you the letter and now I should go for work and continue day. I am very happy that we with you in contact and I hope you is not tired to read my letter and it was not boring and has brought to you pleasure.
Yours faithfully your Russian girlfriend Yulia!

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 55712)

Hello Mr.
We agency of acquaintances to foreign men “Agency acquaintances”
With you wants the girl from Russia will get acquainted! Our client Yulia has addressed to us with the request to acquaint her with the man!
We on a burden dispatch to a database its messages!

PS: Hello my name Is Yulia! And I wish to get acquainted with you!!!
Write me the email. That I could write to you the letter, and in more details tell about myself and send you the photos.
I will wait for your answer. Yulia