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Vorgang: 20155

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53828)

Good day to you, mysterious stranger from equally mysterious girl! There are so many riddles in the world, I want to get rid of these and tell my name, my name Svetochka, my name is in the circle of friends Svetka. Give me a few moments, and I will tell you , what wind brought me to you in messages .

So, let s get started! 30 years ago I was born with screams of pain, because I appeared in the Russian Federation. I will be glad if that the kilometers separating me and you it will not become a big barrier to our communication with you .

Optimism is the second self, in this chaos of depressed people. Since childhood I don t like cigarettes and alcohol, therefore I decided that I will not succumb to the temptation to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages! Imagine, but I don t have children, and I haven t met my fate yet.

Imagine, but I haven t got any toddlers yet, and my fate apparently bypasses me.

But I m not completely alone, there is someone very nice and handsome who brightens up my boring evenings … His name is - “Barsik”, so fluffy and beautiful , every time I am touched by looking at him . You won t get bored with him. He charges me cooler than any power engineer, the feeling that somewhere inside him, he has a hidden engine that gives him this energy!

Since we re talking about photos, then I really don t mind taking my own photos myself, I ll throw a few off a little later). I can t hide my desire learn how to take beautiful photos. But this is not all that, what I am fond of, let me tell you everything about myself in detail. You have no idea what feelings I have for animals, which is probably no secret anymore, I don t pay attention to his shoals and to be honest, there is a wish that there was someone bigger than my cat in my house who could become a friend for him, but, unfortunately, the dimensions of my house cannot allow this.

Besides my favorite cat, I still have relatives , how is it without a family and, naturally, comrades, but with a beloved man everything is much more complicated , I never had luck with this . We sometimes see relatives, and go somewhere with my friends, but most often there is not enough time for this.

It s all because of my job, a lot goes into it, but it s a sin for me to complain, I m still doing what I ve always wanted. Although sometimes I want more free time and space in order to to do myself, something that interests me, carries me away.

I would start spending more time on my hobbies, which I should also tell you about. Sport is my life, I like to keep myself in shape and after hard training to see the result. Take for example, training on a bike, a good bike like this, on which I ride every cool evening down the street, turning round and round. And also, I go to the pool, in which all my problems and difficulties are forgotten, alternately changing the type of swimming . But that s not all, I have always been attracted to cooking, this is, you can say, my passion. when I was little, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, watching, how mom or grandma cooks another delicious food . And I started trying to cook on my own early and remembered a lot from that time. By the way, since school I liked to participate in school volleyball competitions, my team and I went to events related to this sport, where we won and received awards . And since I was the captain of the team, awards were given to me, I even kept a few of them.

Many girls are served extraterrestrial beauties who, in their opinion, should treat them as museum artifacts. I don t need such a fairy tale, I would just like someone to be next to me, surrounded by a barrier of love and care. I can t hide the desire to meet a man who will be like me in character, will understand me like no one else.

Considering this, I think you understand that I am interested in a long-term relationship, implying an indissoluble bond and great love, which promises us a happy family life. I hope that you are not here for a simple flirtation or a temporary relationship, but are also looking for a serious relationship.

I will be waiting for your answer!

Kiss, Svetik.