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Greetings my new friend How are you? I hope you are OK and you will be glad to answer me! I am enourmously happy that I’ve got an opportunity to to get in contact with you. I am Alisa. Obviously you have guessed where I am from judging by my name. I am from a large beautiful state the Russian Federation. I am 33. I’m looking for a man for true aminty and probably for committed relationship. If you liked me and got interested in my personality, I will be glad to get your respond. I belive you will not let the lonely girl to get bored. I will impatiently wait for your message as fast as you can. I hope what is important for you to have communication of adequate people. I don t want to play the games and waste the time. If you respond me, I will provide you with more pictures of me. So we will be able to see each other better and get to know each other more closely. I believe you will also forward me your picture and give me some information about yourself. I’d like to know more about you. I wish you an excellent day and cheerful mood. I am waiting.

If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my regular mailbox: RikAlisa@Outlook.com