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Vorgang: 20192

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 54926)

Good day Sir,

In respect to your mail ,regrading the bank draft of $300,000(Three hundred thousand ) in my care before she traveled with her husband and ask me to deliver it to you any time you need it .

So you have to send to me your delivering details so that i can send it to you through DHL express service .

send me your full details.


Thank you untill i read from you again.
Rev xxxn Ba

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 54927)

Good Day ,

As you read this mail,may the peace of our Lord be with you and your families.Having acknowledge your mail and your personal information ,I am now convinced that you are the real beneficiary of the Bank Draft .

Right now you have to send to me the sending cost of it immediately with my information below so that i will go and send the bank draft to you.

DHL courier service.
which the sending cost is 310 euro .

You are to make the payment through western union money transfer for easy pickup and here are my information s in which you will use in sending the sending cost to me.

Receivers name…….xxxn Ba
City…………………Dakar .
amount ……………………310 euro

as soon as i receive the money from you i will go immediately to any of your choice office here and send the bank draft immediately to you.
I have already made the inquiry from them and they told me that it will take 3 working days for the package to arrive on your door step.You can also give me a call for clarification in any area you don t understand very well through my office Phone number below.

Remain blessed in
Rev xxxn Ba

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 54928)

Good Day ,

I am sorry for responding to your mail late because l was busy all yesterday doing preparation for today Sunday service .

I read your mail this morning before attending to church service today and l understand all that you wrote and l am sending you my international passport as you have demanded .

I am sending you my international passport now , so try and do all possible and send the money first thing tomorrow morning .

I shall wait to read from you as soon as you send the money .

Remain blessed in
Rev xxxn Ba

Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 54929)

Good Day ,

I am very sad today regarding the money that you said that you send , l was at the western union money transfer office this morning for the collection of the money , but l was told that the codes where not correct and l have to print the scan copy of the slip that you send to me and also went back and look at the western union slip that you send and told me that such payment was not made .

So l will advise you to go back at the western union money transfer where you said that you made the transfer and make verification if the really posted the money because there lot of incorrect things on that slip that show that the money was not posted , so go back and contact me back and if you contact complete your verification
Try and track the money online before resending me with the information , try and track the money online and confirm if it is really send because l have also track the money online here with the numbers and sender name and it show that there is no money also send , so make your verification and contact me back with the correct information.

Remain blessed in
Rev xxxn Ba