Die Mailadresse wird im Zusammenhang mit einem Betrug (engl. = Scam) verwendet. Es ist daher nicht anzunehmen, dass eine seriöse Person den Schriftverkehr durchführt. Vielmehr ist davon auszugehen, dass Betrüger am Werke sind. Jede Kontaktaufnahme über diese Mailadresse ist gefährlich, wenn man sich nicht des tatsächlichen Inhalts und Vorgehens der Scammer sicher ist.

Sofern Bilder von Personen, meist von hübschen Frauen, zu sehen sind, so muss man unterstellen, dass diese Bilder im Internet gestohlen wurden. Die auf den Bildern zu erkennenden Personen sind nicht mit den Betrügern zu verwechseln. Die Betrüger (Scammer) nutzen diese Bilder unrechtmäßig.

Vorgang: 20061

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53266)

Good afternoon!
Although I haven t met you yet, I already have a good feeling that you are a decent man.
And there will be an acquaintance between us. There will be mutual sympathy and respect for each other.
I can say about myself that I am a single woman. And I want to meet a single man older than me.
Yes! At my age, I haven t been in a serious relationship yet.
Maybe I m too naive for my age.
Maybe I m modest. If I don t meet men on the street.
Maybe I m lucky and I m not wrong to be writing to you!
I m attaching my latest photo.
I hope you like me in this picture.
I am waiting for your letter and please send your best picture.
Kseniya »> rauquapecruje@gmail.com

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 57890)

How kind of you xxx that you texted me!
I didn t think that you would answer me so quickly.
Gave me compliments and write about sympathies!
I am happy to write you xxx this letter from my computer.
I want to introduce myself, my name is Kseniya and I am a single woman.
I was born in September 1989, my zodiac sign is Virgo.
I live in Russia.I have never been to Germany, much less to Duesseldorf.
I am very interested to see you xxx in your photo, please send me your photo where I can see you.
I am sending you xxx of my photographs. Do you like me xxx?
This photo was taken last summer.
I m going to the grocery store now, I ll try to write to you soon.
Have a nice day! Kseniya.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 58029)

This is Kseniya, you never answered my letter!
I want to ask why you didn t answer me? Yes, I understand that I answered you late and I have no right to ask you for a quick answer.
You did not like me?
Maybe you already have a girlfriend?
How is your health? I hope everything is fine and you are healthy, and you just decided not to answer me.
But it’s not all very interesting, why didn’t you answer me?
Please tell me!
I hope you will write me at least a short letter and explain everything.
Have a nice day.