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Vorgang: 20195

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 55009)

Hi xxx. Thanks for your e-mail! This is Olga, we contacted at
To me is very nice to meet you! I think it ll be very interesting to
know more about each other, are you agree?
As for me, I m 31 years old, I m single, never been married and don t
have children. Don t worry about age difference, it s at all not a
problem. New love is always stronger, if a man older a woman for some
That s why I m looking for man who older then me. I even wrote a
scientific work on this topic two years ago, so if you will be
interested, I will tell you more about it.
As I wrote at my profile, I m sociable and very cheerful woman and
most of all I like to smile and enjoy a life! I love nature and sport,
often make morning run in park, I live near one of beautiful parks of
city. I live in Ekaterinburg - the boundary between Europe and Asia.
As for work, I m lecturer of psychology in University, and also
participating in scientific works. So, it s short about me…
I send you some my photos, so you will have more a representation
about me. I will be glad if you will also send me some yours photos
and write more about you.
You can write me here:, it s my e-mail.
Hope see your letter soon, Olga.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 55010)

Hi xxx. Today is very busy day and I haven t time to write you much.
Tomorrow I will have a conference, and I need to prepare a lot of stuff.
So today my letter will be short.
I want to tell you that I have closed my profile at site.
After all, you are very interesting to me and I want to communicate
with you, to know you better. I think it will be fair to other men,
that they don t wait answer from me at site.
So do not lose me at site, write me at e-mail.
I ll write you tommorow!

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 55011)

Hello xxx. Today is very good day, I m full of energy! Now I read your
letter, and I can name this day “perfect”! Smile.
I m very glad to receive your photo. You are very attractive!
Yesterday I was too busy with conference, and very tired, that is why
you not got letter from me yesterday. But today I have whole evening
free. So I think after write you, I will go to cinema. My friend told
me that there one new film, and we must go there. She monitors all the
novelties in the world of cinema and music and I always know all
novelties thanks to her. But music I like much more then cinema. I
like live music especially jazz and blues. I m often go to concerts of
live music. Though in general I m the music fan, I love all music. I
like to listen The Beatles and xxx Jackson, but in the same time
Beyonce and Bebe ( She is Spanish singer, and not so well known in the
world ). You know, I m romantic person with open heart and kind soul!
I m happy to know more about you, and it s very pleasant for me, that
we have started communication.
You already know, I looking for serious relationship. I want future
with a good man, with whom we will be happy together! I see, we have
the same desire, so lets communicate, find out more about each other.
I think people who have general interests, can simply find common
language, isn t so?

I will end here for now. I have big desire to know more about your
world, about your life! So I m looking forward your letter!
Your new friend Olga.

P.S. Send you some more my photos.

Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 55012)

Hi xxx.
Today I have no time to write you a lot. I just finished work,
and in 20 minutes I have to go for birthday. Today one my friend is
celebrating 25 years! Actually 30, but woman after 25 is always 25. Smile.
So I will write you more tomorrow… can t wait to write you!
Your Olga.

Mailnummer: 5 (Mail-ID: 55013)

Hi xxx. Sorry I don t write you already 3 days. I had a problem with
internet Thursday and Friday, and have no possibility to write you.
I just came from mum, I have a good weekend at her, and first of all I
write you, that you do not lose me. I m here, and I miss to write you!
I just came and still need to take a shower, then have a supper, hope you
understand, I will not write much right now. I will you write little later!
Your Olga.

Mailnummer: 6 (Mail-ID: 55014)

Hi xxx. At me still problems with internet. It working Sunday till
evening, but then, again don t work. In the company said that at them
problems, and internet will not work some days. So I write you from my
friend now. We agreed with her that I will write you from her some
days, while internet not work at me. Here already late evening, and I
will be short, do not want to crate the inconvenience to my friend. I
just want to say that I want very much to communicate with you, to
know you better! I want to say many sorry, that don t write you some
days, but internet “killing” me! Tomorrow I will be free till dinner,
so I will write you much more! I promise, wait ok? Up to tomorrow!
Your Olga.