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Vorgang: 20194

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 55000)

Hello Gerti,
You hear from me again :-)
As i said, i am xxx, and i am real.
I live in Sweden, but i am from Miami Beach in Florida.
Are you in Germany?
I have been to germany once as a Tourist, to visit Heidelberg and the Castle.
Here are some more photos of me.
Hear from you soon, because i am curious about you too :-)
I work as a Personal Trainer here in Stockholm in a Gym Chain called They are like McFit in Germany.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 55001)

Guten Tag Gerti,
Wie geht es dir :-)
Long time ago(in the 80s), i took german in School instead of Spanish. I was very good at it, because it was easy for me thanks to being close to English. Now i forgot most of my German, but you can help me with that.

Gerti, i just looked at your Pictures, and i find you attractive. I like your Body, and i like you. I think the Airport close to you is Dusseldorf-Weeze. RyanAir goes there from Stockholm. How far is Weeze from where you live?

We can walk in Nature together.
I am the romantic type.
I like to hold Hands, i like to touch, i like to kiss :-) i like to show affection.
I can be direct at times, for example, if i see you wearing a nice Dress that i like, i will say : Gerti, that Dress looks nice on you, or your Ass looks so sexy in that Dress.
When i wake up in the morning, i will come find you, say good Morning, and give you a kiss and a hug.
If i get Home from work before yopu do, i will make us Dinner, or buy Dinner to take Home. On Friday nights this could be Asian like you like, or Sushi like i love.

Is there a McFit close to where you live?
I love your Body :-)
Oh, i am a one woman man type.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 55002)

So, i am 173 tall.
I have brown eyes.
I keep short Hair.
I exercis 3 times a week or when i can.
I am clean, organized, considerate, like most men i think like one :-)
I am from Miam Beach, and now a Swedish Citizen. I can move freely and live and work in any EU Country.
I like to work with my Hands fixing things like cars and Computers. If you like Nature like i do, i am good at working in the Garden. I like to Plant my own Herbs and Vegetables.
My Dream is to have a loving Wife and Kids, and live in a Huf Haus(
What do you like to do that is romantic ?


Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 55003)

You know now that i teach exercise, and i have been doing that since Miami Beach.
I do the same thing here in Sweden.
I just started a new job here at a local Gym Chain called SATS(, they are like McFit.
I have 22 customers, and always growing. I get up at 04:00 everyday to prepare their training programs and make breakfast and prepare myself.
I am passionate about my work, and i am a hard worker.
Right now because of the holidays, i have free time.
Are you working today?