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How you?
I Will tell the truth, I for the first time write to the man which is in other country.
In a city of what country you live?
I have filled the questionnaire on a site of acquaintances with the request to meet the significant other and after answers to questions to me have given your electronic box.
But I know nothing about you. My subscription trial.
I hope, to you the acquaintance subject is interesting and to find out more about each other?
My name Oksana.
To me thirty four year.
I live in Russia.
Tell to me a little about itself?
I will be “in the seventh sky with happiness” if we with you is fastened we will begin serious and optimistical dialogue.
If I have not interested you please, do not spend my and time.
I will wait your answer with huge impatience.
With the best regards, Oksi.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 57246)

Hi xxx! I was very pleased with your answer, I will be very glad to meet you. I m glad you answered what I wrote to you. What s up? How are you feeling?” I m fine, and I m in a good mood. And I am very serious about our acquaintance. I hope that you are a really serious man, and you will also show only serious qualities. It s probably easier to get to know each other online now than it is in real life. In connection with the current situation in the world. That s why I chose this way of dating through the Internet. Because I want to meet a decent man. And give him yourself.
My goal of dating is a serious relationship, a future meeting. I am ready for the changes that may be waiting for us ahead. Yes, I understand and fully realize that we are from different countries with you, but I think there is no problem in this. On the contrary, distance attracts people, and makes relationships more insane. Agree? Yes, and in letters you can reveal a person s soul. Yes, I am from Russia and live in the city of Snezhinsk. Have you heard of such a city? I hope that you, like me, will not interfere with the fact that there is a distance between us, and we will continue to get to know each other. Where exactly do you live? What is the name of your city?
Now about me. I was behind my husband. My husband died a few years ago. I have suffered this loss very hard. After all, he was my world, my everything. And it s time to move on and start building new relationships. After all, the world does not stand still.
I am 34 years old. Birthday is June 28. Zodiac sign Cancer. By nature,
she is very kind, responsive, I like to help people, responsible and economic. I m also interested in learning about you.. Please tell us about yourself and send us photos. I hope that we will find a lot of common and interesting things with you, and we will continue to communicate every day. And