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Vorgang: 20336

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 57109)

Hello my friend!!! Good afternoon. A single OLGA woman is writing to you from faraway Russia, from the city of Murom.
Thank you for answering me. You might be wondering where I got your data from.
I received a message with an offer to find a soul mate on the Internet.
They said that they would pick me up the man I want to find. I described the man of my dreams and paid them 1000 rubles. Then 2 more people wrote to me besides you.
I stopped communicating with them, because they immediately started asking for naked photos,
began to send perverted photos. I hope you will not ask me about this and send such photos. Otherwise, we will have to stop communicating.
I am the only child in the family, my parents died long ago. Live alone.
I will be very glad to communicate with you. It s a pity that I only speak Russian. I use translator.
I want to ask you questions, do you mind, if not, then you will answer. What s your full name? When is your birthday??? How do you spend your free time??? How do you feel about my country?
I forgot to write, I am 55 years old, I was born on March 10.
Warm wishes, OLGA.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 57168)

HELLO. Thank you for writing. I just got a chance to read your letter now. How is your day going?
I m very interested in reading your letters. It is interesting to me to know the life of a person who does not live in my country.
Tell me about your hobbies? What kind of life do you like more, country life or city life? What do you like about a woman and what don t you like ?
I currently work as a nursing assistant for the sick and elderly. My job is to visit 3 people a day.
I go to their homes. I buy medicine, take things to the dry cleaner, buy groceries, but mostly I just talk to people.
There are a lot of elderly people who have been left all alone because of life circumstances. Some of them are physically unable to leave their homes.
And I help them to continue to live normally.
I m at home right now with one of my charges, Agafia Petrovna, who is 81 years old. She lets me use her laptop.
I really want to keep in touch with you. I ll try to write to you tonight, because I m still coming to Agafia Petrovna s house to buy her medicine.
At the moment I have to go to another person…
Good day, OLGA.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 57176)

I m at Agafia s again. I brought her some medicine.
How have you been? What are you doing now?
Agafia is a grown-up, but very funny and interesting woman. She s always joking and enjoying life.
She has children, a son and a daughter, who live in Germany. They moved there a long time ago. When they were students.
Her son bought her a laptop. I teach her how to use it. It s very difficult for her to learn at her age.
I help her turn on the videos and pictures on the laptop that her children and grandchildren send her. I teach her how to text them.
I ve had an old broken laptop at home for 10 years, I ll take it to repair tomorrow.
I do not feel comfortable writing to you from her house. And I want to communicate with you. I am very interested in communicating with you. Tell me more about your family?
About your childhood? I have to go home now.
I hope to hear from you soon