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Vorgang: 20086

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53587)

I d like to introduce myself. I m Oksana. What s your name? I am very interested in getting to know you. What do you think about this? Do you understand that we have to see each other first? I will send you my photo and I want you to send me a photo too. I m very serious about starting a family in the future, are you still looking for a girlfriend? I m 33 y.o. How old are you? Where were you born? I live and was born in Russia, have you ever seen photos of Russia? I m sorry to bother you. xxx give me an answer soon. I need to know if you are ready to communicate with me further. Sincerely, Oksana.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 53740)

Hi xxx, thanks for your reply. I was thinking about sending a letter to the void and I had little hope for your answer. I m glad that you don t care about the distance between us. I live in the Irkutsk region. But in the last few years I plan to leave Russia. Primarily because of political beliefs and improvements in living conditions. Life in Russia is not as easy as it used to be. Last year I had attempts to leave. But the man I met deceived me, at the last moment I found out that he was simultaneously trying to take several girls from Russia to Europe, in the future they would have to work as prostitutes. At the airport, I accidentally met a girl, and as it turned out, we were acquainted with the same man. That s why I came home and never wanted to make mistakes again. But still, I decided that one day I would be lucky. You just need to be more careful and attentive. It was very disappointing that I had to spend a lot of personal money on tickets and documents that I had been saving up for several months. But health and life are more important. But something saved me from trouble. I think it s fate. Do you believe in fate ? I have already tried to make an acquaintance through the Internet. But I haven t met any adequate man yet. There are a lot of depraved men on the Internet who do not see borders at all. And the behavior of such men can be compared with primates.
I have already had to change my phone number several times because of personalities who like to shake their genitals in front of the phone. Even the blacklist does not stop such people, because they started writing and calling from other phones. So we will discuss communication by phone later and hope for your understanding. But I do not refuse to communicate by phone, it s just that a time check should work here. And if you really have serious intentions, it won t be scary for you.
It is difficult to build a dialogue at the very beginning of acquaintance and I really hope for your understanding. And I want to ask you to be honest with me. And I ll be honest with you. Ok?
I often hear words about my appearance, I really look young, but is that a bad thing? I never pay attention to age at all, for me it s just numbers. Height and weight also do not play any role for me. And for you ? I think questions about external data are generally stupid, because it doesn t matter at all. The most important thing is what kind of person is inside. First of all, I am interested in reciprocity. I will not tolerate rudeness, lies and other unpleasant emotions. We live once and time should be used wisely. And don t waste precious time on idiots. Unfortunately, I had to deal with such men before. Many men carefully hide their real intentions. So I won t rush to make a choice. But I will definitely hope for honesty and mutual understanding. I hope everything works out with you. I m hugging you. Oksana.