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Dear xxx,

Good day and how are you today, I hope fine.

In brief I am an Origin of Rwanda but presently here in Lome, Togo where my late Dad deposited the fund with a security company. He Deposited the consignment as family valuables to avoid disclosing the real content to the security company for security reasons. This is a secrete between me and you because the security company doesn t know that the content of the consignment is money for security reasons and moreover my late father was a Card Member to the security company which was the reason why he was able to make the deposit. After the death of my parents I escaped death thrice which urged me to abandone my education and run for my dear life because of fear of falling into the hands of the evil ones that killed my parents. As it is, I do not even know if it is my fathers business partners or his relations who so much hated me as the only daughter killed him because of heritages. Regards to all these I have to run from Rwanda to Togo through the help of the international welfare and this is why I presently reside in a refugee camp here where my life is atleast secured. Trusting you is a risk but I have no choice because of my situation and moreover late Dad told me not to trust any african as they betrayed him that a complete stranger will be better cause we don t know each other and it will be hard for them to just cheat me easily. I am very handicapped here and this is why I need your help to stand on my behalf as my appointed beneficiary who will work hand in hand with the security company to the success of the shipment as my refugee statue will not allow me to handle this transaction and moreover I do not have any idea on how to handle this. The only assurance I need from you is your positive response towards standing as my appointed beneficiary who will retrieve the consignment on my behalf and recieve it in your country for investments. I have also mapped out 2% of the total sum for all the expenses that will be incured in the course of the shipment including the 20% which I have finally decided to give you as your percentage for assisting me. I plead that you go through this mail carefully and get back to me and once your positive response is received I will send to you the contacts of the security company for you to proceed arrangements with them on how the consignment will be retrieved. Thank you once again and I m happy you replied me and if you truely help me come out of here I will never let you down.

Thank you and God bless you till I hear from you.

With love,
Nolyne Tanepe.