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Vorgang: 20117

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53710)

Hello My dear friend and good Tuesday day.
Today is 26. October when I write this letter to you

My name is Nataliya.
xxx - This is your personal nickname
I would like to begin my letter by greeting you by name
What s your name?

What happened? Why do not you answer me?
I don t see your letter. Where are they?
You don’t want to communicate with me?
Or do you have too little time for me?
I hope i m not too ugly for you

yesterday on Monday 25. October I sent you a live video of me
Where your eyes could see that I am a living and real woman
But you didn t answer me? Did that mean you didn t see my live video for me?
And then today on Tuesday - I ll ask you.
Did you receive my letter in which you saw a video of me?

I don t have a smile this morning
This is because when I open my mailbox I don t see what you would write to me.
I don t have a smile in the photo and it s because of you
why because of you ??
Because you are missing!
And because you no longer answer me.
I am a real and living woman.
And I don t understand why you reject me ???
Your Nataliya

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 53743)

Hello xxx
Thanks a lot for your message, and thanks for your reaction to me
Now I will try to write a few sentences
I will assume that this is a test letter to check if you have received my letter in your correct folder in your mailbox.
I ask you to write to me here at my personal address.
Here we can now communicate and learn more each other.

Sorry that my reply came to you with a delay.
I just couldn t answer you right away because my computer wasn t working
And just today a computer repair man came and changed Window prog and I can answer you again.

Thank goodness my computer is restored and I m back online.
Today is Wednesday and it is 27. October. Now my clock is 14 hours and 10 minutes.
I wonder what time you have when you started writing me a letter?

I seek honest stable relationships over the internet.
Since here where I live, I can t build a family.
I have decided to try your luck and write to your email and ask you personally.
Where do you live? What is your town called?
I live in Russia.
I live in the city of Zhigulyovsk.
City of Zhigulyovsk located on the Volga river in Russia

I see that your name xxx.
Is this your nickname or is this your name?
What is your real name?
If I do not write right your name, correct me.

My full name is Nataliya.
I am 33 years old. How old are you?
I understand English and can therefore understand everything you write to me.
what is your profession?
I work as a Russian language teacher.
I worked as a teacher at a school, but left because my salary was too low.
Teachers receive very little salaries where I live.
And after I voluntarily quit. I choose my own job.
Now I teach Russian at home. The children s parents find me through an advertisement in the newspaper.
My work is great fun.

I have photos for you and all photos are different
after seeing my photos
you can imagine me and my life
First selfie photo so you can see my whole face
The second photo was taken in full height so that you could see all my 165 centimeters in height.
And the third photo shows how I dress at home when I pick up a rag and wash the floors,
I wear short shorts and a tank top. This makes it easier for me to clean the house.
And I also have a video clip with me for you,
which I did this morning when I went to the kitchen to make myself coffee and fry an egg.
I am shooting a short video clip for you so that you can see and present me alive.

my email refuses to send the video as an attachment.
Because of this, I had to add my video
to a dedicated website for video sharing.
And when you open the link you can download my 1 video file.
since my email refuses to send links in the letter,
then I put 2 spaces, if you want just remove them,
or copy it and open it in a browser.
You can see me here: http: //

Video Titled: Every morning, I put on a robe and go to the kitchen to eat yogurt and drink coffee,
I want you to see that I am a live and real woman
and for that I will send you a live video of me
Maximize your sound to hear all of the sounds in the video.

I want to ask you to send me some full-length photos of you and how you dress at home.
And if it is not difficult for you, please send me a short video clip with you as well.

For the first letter, I think that s enough.
I look forward to your reply
I ll leave you a kiss.
I wish you a wonderful day.
Kisses and hugs you, your friend Nataliya from Zhigulyovsk

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 53798)

Hello xxx and I wish you Sunny day on this day of Thursday.
Thank you for your reaction and your answer.
Now it is easier for us to get to know each other and communicate.
I will also be interested to know you and how you live in your city.
I will probably have to tell you a few sentences about myself to start a dialogue
Then you would know me better.

I will warn you right away if it seems to you somewhere that I was rude in my words,
for earlier please forgive me. I will just express my thoughts and emotions.
This is how I most honestly describe what I think.
and so you will feel me best from the inside.
Sorry for the earlier, for the straightforwardness and somewhere it can be rude or even too defiant!

I am a simple girl from Russian Federation.
The city where I was born and raised is called Zhigulyovsk city.
If you have a desire to see my city
I am sending you a link where you can see my city.
https: //
Perhaps you have an online camera of your city and the streets you walk on
Send me the link Google Maps, wikipedia and I will be happy to see your city and your streets.
I also send you a video with me as I walk along the embankment of my city.

I am a woman who knows what I wants and what doesn t want.
I want to meet a man with whom I could live in fidelity and prosperity.
First of all, I want my partner to respect me and appreciate me and take care of me.
I want my partner not to go to the left and look at other women.
I like in a man that he is loyal, shows me respect,
shows me how loving she is, shows me how open you are to me.
I don t like an unfaithful man.

Exactly the same. oppositely. same applies to you.
Could you live with an unfaithful wife?
You would probably also not want to live with a woman who walks to the left?
and distributes itself as from right to left to any man.
This is what I call infidelity.
It is very difficult to find a partner who would agree to be faithful and honest with their partner.
Personally, I am ready for such a relationship, not to walk and respect my man.

And you? Are you ready to live in faithfulness?
Or are you more interested in freedom? rather than a stable, faithful woman next to you?
What would you choose? Free life and poke your penis to all anyone?
Or do you choose a stable relationship with one partner, but at the same time do not walk left to right?

What about my job? I will tell you now.
I go to work every day. I have my favorite job.
I work as a teacher of the Russian language.
This is a very necessary profession for children to study.
But I am a tutor. I help children to learn the Russian language
Grammar and spelling of words.

I taught in school. But I quit a long time ago.
Since they paid very little wages.
I went to HR department and volunteered to write a statement.
And now I work for myself.
The children s parents find me through advertising in the newspaper.
This is how I find new students who have to learn all the rules
and teach how to write correctly in Russian.
In other words, I am a Russian language teacher.

I am often asked a question. Why did I choose this job?
That s all because I like to do good to people and make the world a little friendlier.

Today I want to send you a live video of myself.
I am very shy and I no longer know what to shoot on video.
Let my little video on you be the whole universe to you.
However, my email refuses to attach a video to the letter
and I had to upload the video to a special site for the exchange of the video
Now open my videos here:
Could you open and see a video titled - Launching soap bubbles on the embankment?
I hope you had a big smile

Maybe it s not difficult for you to shoot a video clip for me?
And you send me your video in your new letter
by sending me a kiss or waving your hand
It depends on you.
When I see you on the video I get goose bumps from you.
I will represent you in real life.

I have 2 photos for you.
And I want to attach them to this letter.
I want you to see me and represent me in real life.
I really want to have you, from looking at photos, got a lot of positive vibes.
I also want to get a good-positive mood from you.
Please feel free to send me your freshest photo.

I want to tell you. What I want you to print my photos and put them in your frame.
And then you watched her for a long time

if you have certain questions just ask and i will try to answer you honestly.
I want to tell you that I find you very interesting and get to know you more.
You look very mature for your years. Why haven t you found a wife yet!?
If I had you by my side, I would do anything to keep you with me.

I m going to look at your letter tonight. So write to me
I will be surprised by your next letter.
Nataliya + xxx = friendship
Greetings and a tender kiss.
I wish you a wonderful day.
Best regards Nataliya

Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 54488)

Hello xxx
Imagine I thought that today is Sunday, and today it turned out to be only Saturday
I mixed up the days of the week, This is all due to increased fatigue at work.
Today is Saturday and this morning I woke up very early
Because I had an interesting dream in which I saw you
apparently last night I thought about you and represent you in real life
And that night I had a dream in which I saw you next to me.
We had a romantic evening at the table. But some loud bang on the street and I woke up abruptly
and could not watch my dream to the end. And when I tried to sleep again, I no longer saw this dream.
It was so sad to me because of this.

Since I started talking to you about how I live.
I want to tell you about myself and how you would get to know me better
About how I live and who I am in my life.
I have a garden. And the garden is my hobby!
Last summer I was in the garden because I had nothing to do
But so far I do not have a family and a husband.
I will have something to do with a garden or just walk alone through the forest park in search of a partner
I m just bored of living alone and I have to come up with activities
so as not to sit at home alone.

In the summer when it s warm. I really like to come to my garden and walk in short shorts.
For example, I can put on a swimsuit and be in my garden only in a swimsuit.
I have many trees in my garden where I can easily be hidden from prying eyes.
And when I walk in a swimsuit, no one sees me.
In the summer when the sun is high, I love to sunbathe under the sun.
I spread my blanket on the grass and lay down on the blanket and rub myself with tanning oil.
Maybe it will seem to you that I am too liberated
that I walk in one swimsuit in my garden
But I will tell you this. I like it and no one dares to judge me
is that I am walking in my own garden in a swimsuit.
I like it like that. It may sound strange to you, but I m so comfortable.

Now I want to ask you. Do you also like to walk in swimming trunks or even naked?
For example in your garden?
Or on the beach in summer?
Do you take off your clothes when you want?
Do you like walking at home naked without panties?
Do you have any photo or video proof that you enjoy taking off your clothes on the street?

Today I wanted to show you and open my world to you
and I hope I did at least a little
What would you see and feel, how I live and who I am?
I just want you to see a piece of my life.
I want to send you a video with me, where you can see with your own eyes
how do i look when i am in my garden in summer
And I am not afraid to show myself to you, because I know that only your eyes will see me.
The video file was too large and I could not send it to you in an email
and I uploaded my videos to the site
you need to open the video here:

Here is some description of what is shown in my videos.
which I am sending you today.
The first video (1) shows you how do i like to dress when i going to the garden past summer,
thin clothes so that it is not hot.
In the second video (2) , your eyes can see how I like
I llike the way the wind blows over my body summer.
And the fact that I m in short shorts because it s hot.
but I m in these shorts without my panties
a little ashamed to be on the street without panties
but I m going in my garden and I can walk as I like,
When I arrive at the garden, I will undress
no one will see if he does not look behind the trees of my garden.

And I ll also attach a few photos for you
Where will you see me dressed in my garden in summer.
Be honest with me and maybe we can do something with you.
I m 200 percent open to you and today I m going to show you more than you probably expected me to
So you are open to me and honest with me?

And I also expect you to have an open conversation about what you like in your life?
And what do you dislike about your life?
and what do you like to do when you are alone and what are your fantasies when you are alone?
If you were here now we could have these fantasies together.
But we don t know each other well enough yet.
So we have to get to know each other better
Tell me something interesting in your next letter.
I will wait what you write to me and what you say about me.
We are adults and you can say what you think of me.
Don t forget to show me your photos and videos.
I also want to look at your life and find out who you are in your life.
I will wait for your answer.
Kind regards, Nataliya

Mailnummer: 5 (Mail-ID: 56934)

Hello xxx and with the beginning of a sunny morning,
What a great mood I have this Monday morning.
I want to wish you a good morning too
and may your whole day be filled with good events.
And I want you with my letter
wish you a sunny mood for the whole day
May after you open and read my letter
You will be in a good mood all day long.
I want to give you a sunny mood with all my heart and with all my heart
I am sending you a sunny mood and my smile through the letter.

And so that your morning is happy and sunny.
Check out my video, after watching the video, you will have a pleasant mood.
In this video clip you can see me
and then you can smile a lot,
because to raise your spirits for the whole day there is my dance
but maybe he warms you best now
I just want to give you a Sunny Morning.
My video file is here:
I m taking a pictures this morning.
Photo titled (Sunny Morning .jpg)
If you were around everything would be different
We could feel touch and get goose bumps from each other
We are adults with you and I am not shy because I know that you can send me your video or photo kiss airy?
Bye for now. Best regards Nataliya

Mailnummer: 6 (Mail-ID: 56935)

Hello xxx, I wish you a nice sunny Wednesday morning.
How are you there
on the other end of the wire?
I am so glad that I can see what you wrote again
and I am glad that I can answer you again.
Today s day started a long time ago and I would like to know what you did first this morning.

Personally, I woke up early this morning
then I undressed and took a shower
I washed myself there with gel and shampoo
and then I make myself a coffee with milk
and then I get dressed and go to work.
So my morning flew by. very fast

You already know that I am a Russian teacher
And I have kids who need grammar and spelling.
I didn t choose this profession by chance.
I ve always liked doing good to people
That s why I decided to work on this job
Where I ll be useful with something.
I already told you I wrote a statement and left school
and now i m working for myself
Parents of children find me through the newspaper
and so i have children who need to be taught the russian language and
and Russian grammar.
But I also have a job that I have to go to.
I go to the knowledge center for local development.
Parents bring their children there every day and leave them after school
and my job is that i help to do homework with children.
In other words, in this knowledge center, I help children who came after school to do their homework.
That s where I get my salary, too, but it s not that much money.
Most likely this is additional income on top of what I can have.
This is an office space that kids come to after school.
and that while the children s parents are still working.
Children are with me. Under my supervision.
Perhaps you also have such knowledge centers ???
This is referred to here as - extended day.

Impressive! But now you know where and how I make a living.
I have to work 2 jobs.
This is the only way I will have enough money to buy everything I need.
Every month I pay utility bills for the apartment, gas, heating, electricity.
And that s why I have to work two jobs

Write to me about your day like this
It will be easier for me to imagine your day
and how your life works
After all, you probably have 2 jobs too
and all the same utility bills you need.

I would like to say a few more sentences to you.
I have a rare color of eyes. Because my eyes are green.
You already know that I am 33 years old.
I live in the Russian Federation in the city of Zhigulyovsk. I was born in this city.
I don t smoke and I don t drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and don t have time to drink alcohol. And I don t have time to smoke!

I am alone, have never had a family and am looking forward to a serious relationship for living together.
I have no kids. I wasn t divorced. I do not know what that is.

I am looking for a man to live with.
What about waking up together in the morning?
and enjoy life together.

Tell me, have you ever dreamed of waking up with a girl?
Not an easy girl.
Quite the opposite with your beloved wife.
Who loves you and never betrays you? Did you dream about
I always dream of a man who will love me and never betray me.
I want a man who won t trade me for another woman.
In fact, thinking about these thoughts makes me sick.

I often feel sad and lonely because I m still alone and not in a serious relationship.
Everything I like in life.
This is my job as a tutor.

That I would be inspired by the new day. I often listen to fun music.
Sometimes I listen to music and even dance.
Music gives me inspiration and a good mood for the whole day.
And do you sometimes feel that listening to music increases your mood?

I want to tell you something else.
It often seems to me that I will never meet and find my soulmate.
It is the soul mate I want to fully understand.
And it is precisely because of these thoughts that I am so afraid.
Please if you can reassure me.
Maybe that s what you think about yourself too?

Lately, thoughts often haunt me when I smile
that no one sees my smile.
But to be honest.
I want to smile a lot and I dream of loving my man.
If I ever have a husband!
Then I will give him all my love and affection
But now I am alone and I have no husband !!

I only have my salary. I buy everything I can for a salary.
I have no additional source of income.
I can only buy everything I need for my salary.
I do not need much
For example: buy groceries for every day.
Buy clothing. And some household items
This is how i live!

Today I want to show you a piece of myself.
For this I will send you a video of me in which you will see me alive
and thanks to my video you can introduce yourself to me in real life
Here is my video
Imagine if I were by your side now
What would you tell me first

I would like to say a few words about being on the video when you watch it.
First Hilarious clip and blow a kiss on your cheek
Here is what I miss so much from you at the moment,
can you send me the exact same air kiss as in my video?
You find my blown kiss on video at number 1.

Here s a look at how I spend my free time,
and of course I m wasting it alone,
because there is not even a person next to whom I could play cards,
I just have to do it alone
and I sit and look at the playing cards,
they are very beautiful and I can also imagine how I could be with you
sit with you and play these cards with you xxx.

The third video contains Another blow kiss.
I just want you to have the most
nice feelings about me, maybe it will even warm your heart today,
it all depends on how warm you treat me,
and I would like to ask you xxx
Does it really warm you when you see me on video?
How do you feel when you look at me?

Tell me about your work.
What are you doing to make money?
Maybe an interesting case at work?
Where do you work and what do you do?
What other languages ​​do you know?
I can speak and write English.

I want to start a conversation with you xxx,
where we get to know each other better.
What is the name of the city you live in?
Tell me more about you?
and tell me what you do every day
and send me more photos of you with your reply email.

In my photos today I want to show my life,
where in my photos you can see me alone.
I am writing my letter today on 3. November 2021.
I look forward to hearing from you
Hug and kiss you xxx.your Nataliya from Zhigulyovsk

Mailnummer: 7 (Mail-ID: 56936)

Hello xxx and have a good start to the day from Russian Federation.
I had a lot of work today and had a hard and stressful day.
And I have 30 minutes to write you a letter and send it quickly
If I have grammatical errors in my letter, forgive me in advance
I will just write very quickly and express my thoughts for you.

How much time do you have now if you write to me?
I think the time difference is small.
I have today 4. November and my time is 13:50.

Today I want to show you how my day started.
And the fact that my morning was cheerful, you will see it all for yourself.
I already told you, but I ll repeat myself again! Suddenly you didn t understand me and didn t hear me.
Well, I take a shower every morning, but then someone is often missing to wash your back…
For me the fastest way to cleanse your body and make it fit for the day.
And when I get home from work, I take another shower to stop the sweat and
to remove the strain of work. and then drink coffee.
And this morning I was in the shower, after that I ll take a picture for you
My Smooth Legs and Home Pajamas.

My photo is very kind and there you will see me a kind smile for you xxx.
I don t hesitate to send you kind photos of myself because I like it so much
I like that you look at me with your own eyes
Now I want to ask you too.
Do you have a photo of yourself after you shower?
Can you send yourself to me after you ve showered?
Show me yourself.

though after taking a shower and drinking my morning coffee
I immediately get dressed and go to work.
I want to add 1 more photo to the letter
You will see how decent I look when I am at work
I always have to be properly dressed in my work
and look beautiful without unnecessary pathos.
Open my photos with the numbers 3.
And you will see there that I wear decent clothes with no perversions.

I told you, but maybe you don t remember
I am 33 years old and have lived here in the Russian Federation all my life. Do you know where it is?
At the moment I still live near a large center
with a city in which all infrastructures are very developed.
but i live in a town that is smaller
the city is called Zhigulyovsk, this is where I work and live.

By the way, I ve never been married and I don t have any children.
Well, waking up next to a man in the morning is what every woman dreams of.
And vice versa, that shouldn t be a problem.
Having said it once, I just want to confirm it.
Standing together in the shower and making love, I don t see anything reprehensible in that
or sinful, it shows that you have a healthy attitude towards your partner and sexuality.
And you can soap each other up where you can t go on your own…

I also like it when the fingers of the man can touch and caress everything unhindered when showering for two…
and of course can kiss…
By the way, when it comes to personal hygiene, I shave every day.
Do you understand what I mean?
I regularly remove the hair growth below the belt line…
Do you shave? I don t like unshaven at all.

I am looking for a man with whom I will feel good and comfortable.
I don t ask to get married when we re together.
I can live without a wedding, you just have to be able to appreciate and respect one another.
but just a nice and uncomplicated male being;
that likes to laugh, listen and share worries and joy with me, no more and no less.
Do you have a nickname? My nickname is Nata, but it has to do with my first name.

I have a job. And I can and want work.
But there is another side to this gold medal.
I am a single woman. And I still don t have an honest, serious relationship.
And that s a big problem in my life. And I plan to close this issue once and for all.
I hope our correspondence will give me the opportunity to get to know and understand you better.
Understand if we can create social unity.
And build strong, stable relationships.
And live together until old age and death.
Let s get to know each other. I want something to work for us.

and the fact that I am a single woman and have no family or child.
Today I would like to send you some of my videos, in which you will see for yourself that I am alone in the videos the whole time.
if you open it here:

I hope that you will get a pleasant impression of me while looking at my photos and videos.
Once again, forgive me that my photos today were simple.
I hug you xxx. I kiss on the cheek.
Waiting for your answer.
Your Nataliya

Mailnummer: 8 (Mail-ID: 56980)

Hello my horny man xxx and a good start to the day
I see that you like it when I show you my photo and video.
you probably would like to see my most open photos? I m sorry, but I can t do this.
I love what I do, but the woman must have a secret.
And I ll leave this mystery as it is. I cannot send you candid photos of myself.

Thank you very much for your lines and those sent along
kind words in your letter, which I like very much
I represent you in real life and if I m not mistaken
You are a very beautiful and attractive man, I have to put it that way.
I would like to answer your questions first.
I hope and really want to believe that you would never dare hit or insult a woman. Because I think so. Only cowards and broken guys do that.
And have you never hit a woman or anything like that ???
something like that only shows insecurity and weakness towards women.
Unfortunately, this happens far too often in our society and is often not noticed, which I find very sad.

I like cooking-baking-grilling, humor, getting to know nice people, various card, board and dice games, hiking in nature, laughing very much, reading literature, sitting by the bonfire, eating by candlelight, listening to music and concerts, summer, sunflowers , Friendships, cinema or DVD evenings, art + culture, history, making compliments, togetherness with a man, picnic outdoors, taking photos (nature, old walls, people, etc.), kisses, giving small gifts, eroticism, cycling, Naturalness, sunshine, going for a swim (sometimes naked), writing and answering letters, theater /cabaret.

What I don t like is violence against women /children and old people, egoism, greed, wrong friends, lack of humor, prejudice, unanswered letters, bad mood.

What do I like in terms of togetherness /love and sexuality: I like intimate kisses on all parts of the body, cuddling, showering together, shaving, massaging each other with body oil, lingerie,

any form of sex that women and men like, trust (for example mutual intimate shaving), lying naked in bed or on the couch and looking at each other.

So, I hope my frank words didn t embarrass you or even annoy you ???
Probably after everything I ve said
You will feel where you want something more from me
That feeling of excitement and you want to see me naked?
I don t take shameful nude photos. This is taboo!

The very idea of ​​being photographed naked without a coward is not very safe.
The photo can be stolen from the camera or you can simply lose the camera on the bus or on the street
and then I am shamelessly humiliated and insulted forever.
When the photo leaks on the internet and my career is shamefully destroyed.
It s a shame to be naked on the internet, I don t even want to imagine it. Horror!

Do you believe in horoscopes??? Do you have something that, for example, you follow the horoscope every day?

I believe in a horoscope! And every morning I wait for my horoscope. And I hear him on the radio.
After listening to my horoscope. I immediately imagine what to expect that day.
When do you hear your horoscope, do you think that that day you are waiting for you?
Tell me. What about the horoscope in your life?

I wanted to ask you. When is your birthday? and who are you on the zodiac sign?
My birthday is 13. November. And I am from the zodiac sign Scorpion.

Did you know that the Scorpion zodiac sign is the calmest and friendliest? Do you know a lot about this zodiac sign?
Everyone should be calm and not harm anyone.
Is it like that in your eyes?
I actually believe in zodiac signs. And I believe that the Scorpion zodiac sign is the friendliest, quietest and most harmless for everyone.

I ve read that my zodiac sign Scorpion has the greatest compatibility. When you live together as a family.
And that my zodiac sign will be very lucky. So I m waiting for this happiness!

What a birthday party without balloons?
And what s a birthday without flowers?
Last year, on 13. November 2020, it was also my birthday.
There were no balloons for my birthday
there were only flowers that parents of children whom I help to do homework give me.

And today I ll send you a photos of me
where you ll see how many flowers I ve had
I would like to ask you. Do you like it when you give birthday presents? Balloons?

Today I will send you a video in which I want to please your eyes
First video. I ll send you a video from last year,
how I dress when I m at home. And yes! When I am at home I wear my favorite robe.
And the second video. This day I went to a clothing store and shot a funny video
and at the end of the video clip I will blow you a kiss.
open and watch my videos here:

In the first video I am celebrating my birthday alone. It was that year.
The first video you see how I woke up early in the morning and shoot a video of myself in a bathrobe.
I just wanted to look at myself from the outside, whether I look simpatish (look pretty) and if there is even a smidgen of sexuality in me.
I shoot such a video to feel at least a bit necessary, needed, desired.
This is how I celebrate my birthday that year.
I didn t even have a person next to me who could take a photo of me on a pleasure boat,
and that s why I take a selfie video of myself, with my own hands. To capture that day for a long time.
And remember that I celebrate my birthday alone that year.

So, my dear xxx, I hope you don t hold my openness against me or think anything else of me, but I am for honesty and respect.
I wish you a nice day. I send you a big kiss
Kind regards I am Nataliya

Файл X:Belkina7 ДРThisВay.jpg не найден

Mailnummer: 9 (Mail-ID: 57043)

Hello my Dear man xxx and a good start to the day
In almost every letter, I show you a part of myself and my life,
I am very worried about last s letter, as there was too much nudity from my letter,
but I hope you will forgive me for sharing my intimate part of my life with you too often.
In fact, my intimate life begins and ends, only on self-satisfaction
since I am a single woman and I do not have a second half so that he could satisfy me.
Again, forgive me that in three sentences, I write only about intimate.
This is because I have a lot of unexploded energy. Which is ready to explode at any moment.
I hope you don t mind that I m too open for you?

I would be ashamed not to show you my hobby.
I think everyone has their own weaknesses .
And my weakness is that I am a lingerie collector and swimwear.
Therefore, today I want to show you my hobby, where you can see with your own eyes
what is my hobby and my hobby you will see on my video for you.

I love to wear nice underwear and swimwear.
Someone collects stamps, someone collects stickers.
Someone collects pens, pencils, buttons, cacti, paintings, calendars, key rings, watches, coins and everything else that has enough imagination.
And I only collect underwear and swimwear.
Each person has their own hobby 1.
And I have this hobby in the video today.
Today I want to show you in a video how many swimwear I have.
I m shooting videos for you in which I go in that swimwear.
You can see my video clips if you open here:
See my video at

Can you make a video for me Also where you blow me a kiss?
So I will know that you are a real man and you are the one writing to me and I will see that you are alive and real?
Can you do this too?

Nobody gave me a rose for a long time.
And I haven t felt like a desirable woman for a long time
and balance that feeling
Today I had to go to the nearest flower stand
and buy me 1 rose
Maybe that s stupid
But I wanted so badly that I had this flower
I work hard and I don t have time for joy
At least I ll boost my self-esteem a little.

It s autumn now and it s not the right time for swimming
but there are indoor pools or aqua park and you probably have a indoor pools nearby,
where we could be together, you and me?
I ll take a swimsuit with me in my suitcase
so that we can go together to the nearest indoor pools,
that would be there to lie on a sun lounger and even swim if we want it.
Do you have swim shorts?

Please open the attached photos. today I want to show you more photos.
I ll make a small collection of photos for you so they can warm you up as you look at them!
I think if you look at my photos, do you get goosebumps?
These photos show how I was getting ready this morning.

What s new happened to you that day?
Did you look at the sun today? Does the sun shine bright and high?
I also have the sun high and shining brightly.
And I think with that joyful thought. I want to tell you the good news!
I want you to be as happy as me!
I have a big event in my life.
I am tired of working every day. And I really want a weekend.
At work I get a vacation and can fly to you.
I m on vacation for 3 weeks
and on this vacation i want to spend to meet you
and get to know you personally.
And on my vacation I come to you xxx.

My vacation starts on Monday, 8. November.
I will come to you on 10. November in the passenger plane.
I ll be flying from my nearby airport
to your airport to meet you.

I really want to be with you!
I will fly to your country, to your airport, on 10. November.
Schedule in numbers 10.11.2021 - 01.12.2021
And on 01. December I m flying back to the Russian Federation!

Only you xxx and I am Nataliya.
We ll be together for 21 nights!
I want to spend my vacation to meet you and get to know you, personally!
What do you think about this???
I kiss you xxx.
Yours Nataliya

Mailnummer: 10 (Mail-ID: 57055)

Hello xxx have a nice sunny Sunday.
What a wonderful mood I am today!
It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to fly to you.
Because I have 3 weeks free weekend.
I want to fly to you
get to know you face to face.
It s good that I m on vacation and ready to fly to you xxx.

I am sure when we are together we will never be bored.
Together we can go for a walk outside in the nearest forest park or watch an interesting film at your home.
We can also go to a photo studio and arrange a nice photo session for both of us. This is for memory. What do you think?
And so that it doesn t get boring, but on the contrary to receive emotions from each other, can we rent an quad bike (ATV) from you?
You and I, together, put on a special equipment for riding an quad bike (ATV), so that we could get dirty in the mud and we can take a picture together.
Great idea. Yes?
Do you have a go-kart or quad bike nearby?
What can you ride on and take funny photos?

I ve never driven a kart before but I would love to experience it.

I m in such a wonderful mood today
and I have decided to record a new video clip for you in which you will see my mood a few minutes ago.
I will send you a video of me.

How I dance to the music that lifts my spirits

Sending a video clip in an email turned out to be a problem for me.
I have attached video to a special video sharing site.
You can see my video here:

Today I m going to do what every woman does
I will shave myself completely so that you can see how I was preparing to meet you xxx.
And as soon as I come to you, you will see the number one readiness to meet you
I will have everything is clean and smooth.
And can we arrange a photo shoot with you in your underwear?
Do you want?
I have a photo from that day. I ll send it to you.

I would like to tell you again about my trip to you.
I ll fly to you on a plane on 10. November.
Today at lunch, I ll go to the ticket office and buy a ticket for your airport.
I have to clarify again.
Write to me again. The exact name of the airport where you will meet me.

The best thing is when you write me the code (ICAO airport code) of the airport closest to you.
https: //

Write me your NAME and SURNAME:
and your address, your city, house number, zip code.
What is your home address?

Give me more details about your personal home address.
if you can t meet me at the airport.
Which address do I have to give the taxi then?
What would the taxi driver would take me to your home.
I look forward to seeing you again on 10. November.
I wait that you don t mind meeting me
at your home?

I think we can have a very friendly time together
I want to come to you so that you and I are good together
We can walk a lot before bed
And during the day we can go when it s warm outside
I will put on a dress and jacket, then
take each other s arm and walk through the park, that s what i want with you
In other words, we can have a lot of fun together.
I know you are very sexually hungry and so am I.
I think that sexual hunger can also be eaten away together
It will be like taking a sip of fresh water.
maybe it s too crazy an idea, but I like to do this, I want you
I think this is a great idea.

I really want to go out on the street with you when I come to you
and walk down the street together. Do you want?
In the evening when it gets dark
we together go for a walk down the street and it will be very warm
what would you like to see from clothes
I can put a few dresses with me in my suitcase for an evening walk
What dress do you prefer to see on me wearing?
And Today I am sending you photo of me
Where can you see my dresses that I plan to put in my suitcase with me.
What to wear when I m next to you.

How do you walk in warm weather?
What do you wear when it s warm outside?
Let me guess.
Are you just like me
Do you wear shorts without panties and a pants with no underwear?
Did i guess?

I also want to ask you to print my photo and hang it on the wall or in a frame.
So that when you look at me and my photo on your table warm your heart!
And I want you to send me a photo report, how you printed me
and which photo frame did you choose for my photo.
Send me a photo so that I can see that you have printed my photo and my photo is framed on your table.
Do you think we can go for a walk without underwear?
Do I wear a dress without underwear?

Last and most of all! Once again!!
Write me the name of your airport!
Today at lunch, I ll buy a ticket to your airport.
xxx write me your - ICAO airport code
So write me everything correctly without any mistakes.
Kisses and hugs. See you soon
Your Nataliya

Mailnummer: 11 (Mail-ID: 57120)

Hello xxx Have a nice sunny Monday morning
I have sunny news for you.
You can go crazy with news like this.
But to get crazy I write figuratively.
No need to go crazy.
Yesterday I bought a ticket at your airport.
And now I can fly to your airport on .
And on Wednesday, 10. November of this year, our eyes meet for the first time.
The truth is is that great the news?
I ll be by your side for 21 days.
And I have to go home in 21 nights.
I ve already bought a return ticket and I m flying home on 01. December.

Now I will tell you how I will get to you.
The news is that there is no international airport in my city of Zhigulyovsk.
And I took a taxi early this morning
to go the nearest airport Kuromoch in the city of Samara.
I couldn t find and purchase a direct flight to your airport.
And the only possible flight to you was via Moscow.
Because now all flights fly only through Moscow.
That s why I m flying to you through Moscow.
First, I have already arrived today in Moscow Airport, then I ll fly to your airport.
Today in Monday, 8. November, I m leaving from Kurumoch International Airport KUF
And from this airport I have already fly to Moscow airport.
I even have flight details from Kuromoch to Moscow.

Kurumoch, KUF→ Moscow, SVO
The airline - Aeroflot
Airplane: Airbus A321
Departure Monday, 8. November, 2021, 06:00 (local time)
Landing Monday, 8. November 2021, 07:00 (local time)
Flight SU-1217
Tour duration 1h 45m

Transplant in Moscow

I couldn t buy a direct flight because it wasn t there.
I could only buy a flight with a transfer.
And then, on 10. November, I ll fly to you from Moscow.
It was the cheapest - Flight with transfers.

I am collecting a small amount of money
But I m donating the last of my saved money to our meeting.
I recently wanted to buy outerwear.
I wanted to buy but didn t buy.
That s because I spent my savings flying to you 10. November.

Early this morning when I woke up
I immediately went and took a shower with gel, and then
when i get out of the shower i put on a robe
and I m shooting a small video clip for you,
where you will see that I am ready to travel to you.
Early this morning when I was going to leave the house and go to the nearest airport Kurumoch
I was wearing this robe at home, and I took this robe with me and put it in my suitcase so that I could dress in the same way at your home.
And I attach to this a letter, my photo and video with my robe, which I will wear at your home.

The size of my video turned out to be too big.
And my email mail refuses to send too big video.
And I had to attach them to a special site.
You can see my videos when you watch them on a dedicated file sharing website.
You can see me when you open here:
I am drawn to you and I want to meet you on my vacation to take a walk with you outdoors and just be together.

And I want your eyes to be wide open when you look at my attached photo.
These photo are for your eyes only.
I am not ashamed to show myself to you. Because I really like it.
And I want you to see from my smile that I am very happy that you are looking at me.
And very soon we will meet with you and make a joint photo session out of photos.
Where we will dress, what we like and how we want.

I also give you permission to print my photo and hang it on the wall or frame it.
Please send me a photo of which photo you have printed and framed,
I want to see with my own eyes, a photo frame with my photo on your wall or your table.
It will be a sign that you are waiting for me
and you look at me every day.

I think if I come to you, we can do a photo session with you and print out our photos together
So that you will remember for a long time
Long memories of our wonderful evenings together.

Be patient, we ll see you soon
Together with this letter I am sending you my sweet kiss.
And as soon as you open and read this letter, you will feel it on your lips.
Your Nataliya

Mailnummer: 12 (Mail-ID: 57169)

Hello dear xxx have a nice sunny Monday.
My morning started at 3 a.m. when I woke up today 8. November.
And I got to the airport by taxi. Taxi rides so fast that I immediately woke up.
And already at 5:55 a.m. I was on a plane and flew from the nearest airport and it was Kurumoch International Airport KUF
from Kurumoch to Moscow.
And today 8. November, my plane landed in Sheremetevo on time on schedule.

Kurumoch, KUF → Moscow, SVO
The airline - Aeroflot
Airplane: Airbus A321
Departure Monday, 8. November, 2021, 06:00 (local time)
Landing Monday, 8. November, 2021, 07:00 (local time)
Flight SU-1217
Duration In flight 1h 45m

I couldn t find and buy a direct flight to your airport.
And the only possible flight to you was via Moscow.
That s why I flew to Moscow today!

Transplant in Moscow

I don t have any photos or video clips at hand at the moment.
But I have news you should know.
Now I am writing to you from the Internet Cafe at Moscow s Sheremetevo Airport.
I m out of breath looking for internet cafes in Moscow.
And thank god I found a place to write to you from.
I am writing this letter to you so that you can be happy for me.
The fact that I am alive and that everything is fine with me.
And now I m waiting for a flight to your country. to your airport

My departure will be on 10. November by plane from Moscow.
My flight will be with 1 change. There are currently no direct flights.
And it is possible to fly to you with just transfers at other airports in the world.
Different airlines.
And I will arrive at your airport on 10. November.

I m so waiting for you to wait for me with open arms
and after seeing each other s eyes
You take my hand and you hug me and give me a kiss what would you say?

I m waiting for the day when we can dance and have fun together
and shoot live video clips of you and me.
I want to take pictures with you and do general video clips with you xxx.
What do you say?

I don t need any presents from you.
I don t want you to think I need a gift from you.
No, I don t have to buy anything.
Now I just want to be around you.
And then we could find some kind of distinction for each other and go out on the street or in the forest park together.
Walk down the street and hold each other s hands.
That s what I want most.
I expect you to give me feelings and emotions that I haven t had in a long time.
And I m waiting for you to say a lot of nice words and kiss and smile at me.
After all, your smile and kind words will be the best gift for me.

There are so many fun and bright moments ahead of us. and of course I expect us to be positive and not argue with each other.
I really hope you won t get your hands on me or offend me.
I won t be with whoever is going to hit me.
I want a better life. And I think I deserve a happy life.
I really hope that when we are together, you and I will form a wonderful union.
I look forward to finding out if we re made for each other in real life or if we re not getting closer.
Our meeting will show everyone s feelings for one another. and we will also see what emotions you and I have when we are together.

Now I will be waiting for a flight to your country.
Wish me good luck!
Have patience. See you soon
Your Nataliya

Mailnummer: 13 (Mail-ID: 57170)

Hello xxx, I am writing to inform you.
You will see me 10. November at your airport.
That was the good news. I have just returned from the Customs Committee.
I have to have the required amount of money for every day of my arrival in your country.
The law states that I have to have 20 dollars for every day stay in your country.
What would prove that I am the right tourist. I have to have cash.
This is due to the fact that I am traveling to your country as a tourist.
I have to show the Customs Committee that I have cash. in the hand!
I will visit you on 21 days.
This means that I need to show that I have 420 dollars cash with me.

I didn t think I would have to tell you that.
But apparently must!
I ask you to help me. I know asking for money is not nice, but I have no choice.

I ll give you this money back as soon as we see you at the airport.
I will fly to you on 10. November. And that means I will get your money back on 10. November.
I am very ashamed to ask for your help, but in this situation all I can do is ask for your help.

When I m here at the airport, I see that there are two money transfer points.
These are office Ria and Western Union.
If there is a Western Union and Ria office near you, send me 420 dollars money here at Moscow Airport.

Please if there are offices in your area.
Go in your office and try to send me 420 dollars today.
give me money by transfer to Moscow airport
to Moscow on my first name and last name.
I write you my full first name and last name:

street Mira 18
city Zhigulyovsk
Postal code 445350
Russian Federation

I can get your help if you send me through the Ria,
I just found out here at the airport, that
then the partner of these banks Ria in Russia is Zolotaya Korona and system Contact.
Make a transfer through Ria (
I can get help here at Zolotaya Korona ( or Contact (

This is the address where I can get your help, here without leaving the airport.
at this office I can get your money transfer if you send me via Ria (Zolotaya Korona,Contact) or Western Union
Send money to this address:

Post office
Sheremetyevo Airport, 141425
Open • Until 20:00
Money transfer here,
Because I m in Moscow now

I know there is a lot of deception on the internet
and I don t want you to think bad of me
I just really want to get to know you personally and see you in real life.
And that you would believe my words.
I will send you a copy of my visa to prove that my words are true.
I don t want any misunderstanding between us.

Please help me. I am very lonely in this life.
And I have no one but you
That s very sad.
I want to stay with you.
I am waiting for you to give me a personal hug at a meeting.
Please help.
I need to get permission (green light)
Permission to visit your country.
Together we can do it and I ll come to you.

Would you like to create a shared video clip? with me. I really want a video with you.
I want to look into your eyes and enjoy a wonderful time together.
So don t turn your back on me. And find a way to send me money now.
So try to send me help with money soon!
Because I m going to wait for your help here in Moscow.

Please search the official website for your nearest Western Union office.
I will write you the address of the site where you can see your nearest office

See the office closest to you through the website

I also want to ask you to remember from memory, maybe you saw the Ria sign somewhere on your street?
If you remember from memory, go there and I will ask you to transfer money to me through Ria
and I would also like to write you an official website address, where you can find the closest Ria office, on your street.

Try to find the nearest Ria office
via the official website:

I have just been to the nearest Western union office and consulted with the director and I was told that you can make an online transfer to me,
without leaving home, or being on the street.
All you need to do is go to the official website of Western union
by my link below,
and then follow the instructions on the site.

I will give you a link to the official website:

If you click on this link you can send money to me here in Moscow in my first and last name NATALIYA DVORYANSKAYA.
I wrote the address to which I will receive your transfer through Western Union or via Ria at the top of this letter today.

I m all nervous here. I can t calm down. Promise me you won t leave me now
Give me the opportunity to fly to you and make a video clip with you.
I want us to be on vacation together. I want to spend all the days with you that we have.
Take cash in hand and go to the office now.
I m waiting for information from you about transferring money to me.
Kiss! Hug you! See you soon!
Your Nataliya from Moscow airport