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This is a message from the Agency acquaintance.
We have randomly selected you for Dating.
the Girl is waiting to meet you.
Her email:
Write find out more information about her. Perhaps your interests are identical.
Thanks for your attention.  

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I didn t answer earlier because I didn t think I would get an answer from you.
If you still want to meet, then I will be glad.

In any case, I will tell a little about myself in this letter:
My name is Jacqueline.
My age is 39 but everyone says I m 20. :)
I live in a small port city in Cornwall (South West England) on the western shore of Mounts Bay on the English Channel.
I have my own business, so I travel a lot.
But at the moment it has become more difficult due to the pandemic.
At the moment, flights outside the country are limited to some countries.
But I can fly to a quarantined country if I follow all the requirements and rules.
I have been vaccinated with Moderna vaccine 2 times, full vaccination.
I have to fly to several countries soon on business. The job requires a lot of travel.

I filled out a questionnaire at a dating agency here for new spontaneous sensations.
Why did I answer you?
I am ready to change something in my life.
Travel and events are limited now, but I m tired of being in self-isolation.
I follow all the rules, so I didn t get sick.
I am healthy and ready to spend some time with you to take my mind off work and loneliness.
But only after the completion of some work.
How is your health? Have you had COVID19? Are you healthy now?

I ll be glad to meet you.
I will check email later.
This concludes my letter. I have a lot of work to do during this difficult time, so it s more convenient for me to communicate here.
Most of my friends use Whatsapp, Telegram to communicate.
It is convenient for me to set aside some time to write more about myself in a letter.
We could write online on Telegram in our free time. OK?
I ll send the invite later.
I like to communicate in reality.
Photo attached :)
Your turn! ;)