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Vorgang: 20185

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 54823)

Hi xxx. I am glad that we have interested each other. My nickname Silin. My real name Anna.
First of all I wish to ask you three questions:

1 why do you have decide to meet with a girl using the Internet?
2 that is your overall objective in relations with the girl?
3 How long you are on a site russianeuro?

I d like to know your opinion about this questions Till i wait your answer I will tell to you why
I have decided to try a internet meeting. When people meet in a real life they are looking each
other first of all. I got acquainted with men and I saw that first of all they are look at my figure,
growth, a hair colour interests. They like my look. I would like that to the person with which at me
will be relations I liked completely. I want meet the person which to understand me. The ultimate goal
of my acquaintance is family creation. Now I accept my life, but I would like meet the person with which
I can to divide it. On it I finish the letter and I hope to see your answer soon. Would be remarkable
to see some your new photos if it probably. I wish good day. Anna.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 54824)

Hi xxx it s nice to see your answer. Your interested in me are really important for me. I m looking for
serious relationships, as i had said you before and I don t want to waste your and my time for misunderstood.
xxx thank you so much for your photo! I m glad to get it. Can you send me more in each letter?
xxx I read your letter, thank you that answered my questions, for me was very important to know what you re
looking for in a woman and why did you decide to start their search on the Internet. I would like tell a little
about myself. My name is Anna I m 30 years old I was born on Nov. 9, 1979. I live in southern Russia in the
city of Novorossiysk, along with my mom. After graduation he worked advertising manager. I love to travel,
unfortunately I rarely appears so opportunity. Last time I went a year ago, I was sent to internship in the USA,
I really enjoyed this trip. I do not know what even now write about yourself, so ask what you re interested know
I will try to answer you. I will be interesting to know more about you and your life also, I hope you will find a
few minutes and would write me about yourself next time. Now I need to go and I hope to see your answer tomorrow.
Have a good day. Anna.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 54825)

xxx how are you doing? Why do not write? I very much wait for your letter. You write to me?
Or you have decided to forget me? You tell what do you think of our dialogue in the following letter! Well?
I do not wish to waste time. But you like me and I wish to learn at first the reason why you do not write!
Can you are simply occupied? In general write to me and certainly answer my letters. I will wait. Anna.