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Good evening xxx! Is that your real name? You just didn t introduce yourself.
Thank you for the letter. But first of all I want to know, are you the man who marked up the questionnaire on the dating agency website? In this questionnaire it was said that you are ready to meet a foreign woman and are ready to create a strong and long-term relationship to create a family, but there was no photo. I left a request that you write if you are interested in getting acquainted. Only I applied to a dating agency last month. And I have already been written by people who offered to make strange purchases from them and other nonsense. I found your email in my spam folder now. And I want to make sure that you really want to meet. I read your letter and realized that you live in Germany in the city of Dusseldorf, maybe it will be easier for you to communicate in German? It s just that I studied German when I was still at school. And I could understand you if you write to me in your native language. Thank you for writing to me about your work, I am not aware of KMGP. I realized that you are lonely and live in a big house, I understand that you keep dogs. Isn t it? I like dogs. Of course I was interested to know all these details about you. But why didn t you send me your picture in the first place? I think this is the first step to getting to know each other. I want to know what you look like in reality. And if you really want to continue communicating with me, then you will have to send me your photo, as well as write more about you.
Tell me, why are you looking for a girl on the Internet? My reason is simple - I serve in the Police, so I don t have the opportunity to meet a man on the street or in the park. I spend most of my time at the location of my police unit. Now my life is a service under contract with the internal affairs bodies. But my contract with the Police is coming to an end soon, and I want to start a new life, without urgent calls to the crime scene, without risk and without weapons. I want to be a weak girl, to be loved, cared for and protected by me. I need a man who can give me human warmth. I want to receive the warmth of the kisses and hugs of the man I love, if you know what I mean.
I m tired of being alone and I want to fall in love again, to feel these wonderful feelings of “butterflies in my stomach”. I want to have a serious relationship in which my future partner and I will not only sleep with each other, but also be best friends, passionate lovers, reliable life partners to talk about everything, without secrets. I want to have one life for two, for better or for worse, to be one, like a pistol and a policeman who never leaves his weapon. 1+1=1. Do you understand?
I have two important questions that I want answered.

  1. Are you ready to wait for the end of my contract with the Police to start a relationship with me?
  2. Can you imagine a relationship with a Russian girl? I hope you have serious intentions and are ready to wait for me a little.

I m finishing writing you an answer now. I hope you will write to me again. I ll be waiting for your answer.
Sincerely Lina!