Die Mailadresse wird im Zusammenhang mit einem Betrug (engl. = Scam) verwendet. Es ist daher nicht anzunehmen, dass eine seriöse Person den Schriftverkehr durchführt. Vielmehr ist davon auszugehen, dass Betrüger am Werke sind. Jede Kontaktaufnahme über diese Mailadresse ist gefährlich, wenn man sich nicht des tatsächlichen Inhalts und Vorgehens der Scammer sicher ist.

Sofern Bilder von Personen, meist von hübschen Frauen, zu sehen sind, so muss man unterstellen, dass diese Bilder im Internet gestohlen wurden. Die auf den Bildern zu erkennenden Personen sind nicht mit den Betrügern zu verwechseln. Die Betrüger (Scammer) nutzen diese Bilder unrechtmäßig.

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Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 57287)

I am happy that I can write to you.
How are you? I hope I am not distracting you with my letter.?

Today I received a letter in my mailbox with your address.
In this letter it was written that you are looking for a girl to meet.
I, too, like you, are looking for a serious relationship with a good man.
You are the first person I meet this way.
I really want to get to know you better.
If your email is real, then answer me shortly.
I m busy right now, so I ll be finishing my letter.
Tell me about yourself and send me some of your photos.
In my next letter I will tell you more about myself.

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 57301)

Hello xxx!
I don’t know what words to start writing with. It was so unexpected for me that you answered me.
It s the first time for me to get to know a person using the Internet.
But I hope it will be pleasant and useful for both of us.
We have a lot in common, but I love dogs and in general I love all animals.
Now I want to tell a little more about myself.
My name is Julia !. I am 33 years old.
Before the pandemic, I worked as a teacher in an orphanage. I really loved my job ..
Now I am doing haircuts and manicure, this work also brings me pleasure.
I graduated from the Pedagogical Institute and hairdresser courses.
As for my character, I have it very simple.
I am calm, even a little shy, kind and honest, sociable and hospitable.
In people, I primarily value the same qualities that I have.

Since childhood, the main qualities for me have been simplicity, kindness, sincerity ..
What else can I say about myself?
I live alone. I have an older brother who already has his own family.
I do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke.
If you are interested in my physical data, then my height is 166 cm, weight is 52 kg.

I live alone for a very long time and I am tired of loneliness … It was my thoughts and desire to be with someone that pushed me to turn to the Internet for dating..
I hope and believe that I can find my man, my soul mate, my love …
For me it is already very interesting that you answered me and now I can write to you.
Now I want to know about you .. I will be very glad to receive your answer
Now I will finish this letter.
Best wishes Julia!