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Vorgang: 20197

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 55075)

i was wondering what u know about Benedicta cuz i have been chatting with her for about 3 months and was wondering if u were talking with her also. if u have any info u can reach me at

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 55076)

I got your email from a link she sent to me with 5 other guys names. Your email address is one of them. I hargour no ill feelings towards anyone. xxx want to know the truth about Benedicta Williams. I have been chatting with her for 3 months i met her on AFF also and she has been telling me she loves me and wants me to bring her her to Florida in the USA she requests money all the time. I have sent her some but she seems to just want more. I was wondering if u still talk to her all the time and if u are hearing the same things I am. I mean no disrespect by having your address i just wanted to know if she is playing me. I will bother u no more if u so desire. Respectfully Gary from Florida.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 55077)

yes i would like to know more this women has told me she loves me and wants to come to florida and marry me. she uses God to decieve me because i am a christian. she talks about God all the time and asks for money. she even made up a story to try to obtain my checking account information but i am not stupid enough to give it to her. I didnt recieve and pornographic pictures like u did but if she is using God to scam me then she would not send those types of pictures. I really loved this girl at least the person i thought she was but i guess she is a big lie. i am enclosing some pics she sent me. she even mailed a pic of herself with a sign saying i love u gary to my home address. Sometimes the truth hurts but knowing it i can move on with my life. thank you so much for sharing what u know about her. God bless u buddy. i really appreciate it.

Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 55078)

I was wondering how long u have been talking to Benedicta. I thank u for your help. Has she been telling u she loves u like she has said to me. Thank God she made that mistake and I thank u for letting me know the truth. Gary

Mailnummer: 5 (Mail-ID: 55079)

that porn site link u sent me gave me a severe trojan virus. so u better be carefull do not go into this website. xxx thought i would warn u cuz it took me 2 days to clean up my computer system. Take care and hope everything works out for u.

Mailnummer: 6 (Mail-ID: 55080)

All I know is I have been chatting with her for the last three months. I would most like to know if u are still chatting with her and if not when was the last time u talked to her.I have seen her on webcam one time. She claims to be from the United States but refuses to show me her passport. That is strange if i were trapped in Africa and wanted to get out i would show my passport in a heartbeat. I did send her some money but i am not anymore although we still chat everyday. I think she was using me but thats over. So i dont think she will chat with me much longer as i have cut her off. She claims all these guys on that link she sent me that she quit talking to u months ago. Is this true or another one of her lies. She also claims that the pictures she did was a long time ago and she has changed blah blag whatever. She is an excellent con artist. Well take care buddy and i hope she didnt get any money out of u. Gary from Florida