Die Mailadresse wird im Zusammenhang mit einem Betrug (engl. = Scam) verwendet. Es ist daher nicht anzunehmen, dass eine seriöse Person den Schriftverkehr durchführt. Vielmehr ist davon auszugehen, dass Betrüger am Werke sind. Jede Kontaktaufnahme über diese Mailadresse ist gefährlich, wenn man sich nicht des tatsächlichen Inhalts und Vorgehens der Scammer sicher ist.

Sofern Bilder von Personen, meist von hübschen Frauen, zu sehen sind, so muss man unterstellen, dass diese Bilder im Internet gestohlen wurden. Die auf den Bildern zu erkennenden Personen sind nicht mit den Betrügern zu verwechseln. Die Betrüger (Scammer) nutzen diese Bilder unrechtmäßig.

Vorgang: 20130

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53761)

Hello xxx,
Have a nice Tuesday and thank you for your letter to me.
I only saw your message once, after which you disappeared somewhere
What you wrote me sounds good.
I like to join your thoughts. and I would like to know more about you.
Where are you from and how old are you?
Ekaterina is my real name. It s actually not a nickname.
I still want to ask you
That name xxx This is your nickname
What s your real name?
Can you send me your cell phone number?
then we can communicate on WhatsApp
I would be very glad if you could send me your photos there.
But first you better send it here
Is it possible that you can send me a short video with you?
Then try to greet me on video,
maybe my eyes will shine from it.
Hopefully you also want to go on and who knows what is to come,
I would like to follow your call and chat with you in a messenger and admire your beauty.
Warm greetings

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 54181)

Hello xxx,
I wish you a good start this Saturdayafternoon
I would like to contact you so that we can get to know each other better.
A couple of days ago, I already remind you of myself,
but you didn t even react to that
I just think you can t see my letter
because it arrived in the wrong folder in your mailbox
And so I decided to try to remind myself one more time
what if I get lucky this time and you will see that I m knocking on you
and you open what I write and finally remember me
Once you wrote to me and after that I have not heard anything about you,
I decided to try to write to you again suddenly you are still interested
My name is Ekaterina and that s my correct name.
I have the opportunity to communicate with you every day in the application
via a mobile phone number for whatsapp
You can even see me on the chat camera if you like my, Hello to you.
I m looking for a man who can live with me
Probably it s right to say directly to your face what I m looking for without hiding around the bends
What were you looking for when you wrote to me earlier?
The same as me? I guess right
I still want to ask you
That name - xxx This is your nickname?
What s your real name?
tell me about yourself too
Hope very much, your remail brings light into all the darkness
with which you are still enveloped,
so a warm greeting and have a nice day
Photo from the fitting room is the best I have right now
Kind regards Ekaterina