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Vorgang: 20207

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 55550)

Hello dear..

thank u very much for sending me an email in

also am very happy for u been interested in my profile.

by the way i have also just gone through your profile and i think it will be very good if we can be together as a very serious partners…

to make some few introductions about me,

am called Wasila Umur .

i m from Ghana and am 28years old….

am single never married and have no kids…

am in passion .comm just looking for my real soul mate whom i can spend the rest of my life with him together…
am also hoping to know much about u soon.

so as i just read your profile ,i think we can be together and have an everlasting relationship….

i just want to know if just u are very serious,caring and passionate ..that s all what i need…

am also hoping to know much about u soon….

wishing u all the best…

Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 55551)

Hello dear.

wow this really a very great and so lovely mail.

this mail is very lovely than any other sms or email i have ever read since i was been born into this world.

i think i have now find what am looking for…i mean my serious man whom i can spend the rest of my life with……

dear you have really made me feel very very very happy …….

Dear by the way i really like what you have said .in fact i have never seen u before..this is your first email but after reading what
is there i have totally feel in my heart that i have now find the right person am looking for….

dear to also tell u much about myself……

I m called Wasila umur from Ghana.

I m 28years old .and i will be 29 years on the 10th of January…..

so right now as am sending this mail am making a very serious preparations towards start with the introductions,

Dear i lost my dad when i was young….he died in a car accident when i was 6 years old.

so the only family left for me right now is me,my mum and my only little brother called yakub .he is also 15years now.

my brother is still living with my mum as am talking with u.

but for me am little far from my mum living with a friend i attend same school with.because my mum can t take care for the both me and my brother.

because she is not working…

so i have been with my friend for about about 2 years now…and i have now finished senior high school .so am at home waiting for some few moths for my results to come

before i can further on my education to any tertiary school in Ghana here…..

so that s all i can say now so..u can ask anything u want to know and am ready to explain to me …

by the way am really excited to know much about u……again the only thing i now want to know about u is….your family?can u tell me few about ur mother and father?

will be happy to know that too….Again am really happy about your decision to have your wife with u in Germany that s really a great idea and wish to be there and make up a very serious and lovely relationship..i mean leave as husband and wife…

Dear if u will not mind…..

i will like to have a phone call or an sms from u soon.on my number which is 00233267222636….hoping to read your lovely mails again soon.

wishing u all the best..
am really excited to read your email….

Kisses and hugs from your lovely Wasila

i hope u are happy for my birthday…? am really hoping to hear from u very soon…..