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Vorgang: 20071

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53375)

Good day my new friend xxx…
It s your new friend Anna!
How are you??
I saw your profile on one of the dating agencies and I was interested in your
profile and I decided to write to you via email …
This is my first letter I write to man and I think that you will not criticize me for
this … but I really never wrote a letter about my life!
I can t open at once to you, but I think that it to not prevent to learn us better.
I want to write about myself and also I shall send you my photos!
It s pleasant to you my new friend!!!
I m 44 years old and I was born October,23 1976 in Russia, city Perm…
I live in house with my mother.
My father has died 21 years ago!
He has gone to serve to Russian Chechen Republic under the contract.
He was the different soldier, military,always could protect our family.
Today closest and lovely person for me,
it s my mum and already as 21 years of me bring up and to teach in this world one woman.
She is my lovely mother!
I haven t brothers and sisters!
I have never been married,I m single and I have not children!
My mother already now doesn t work. She can t work anymore as already old…
In the age of and all our charges
on residing are taken by me on myself…. I pay for all and consequently I was
brought up by mum so that I was honest,sports and good girl…. I shall tell about mum in next letter.
Now, as I spoke, I shall write about me directly as I spoke already, I
have been given birth in 1976.
Till 6 years I have gone by a kindergarten. I have gone earlier as my mum spoke, that I m clever girl.
Since 6 years I started to go from school.
I studied very good…. When I have left school with Red Certificate
in 1992 and I have left in
“Perm s Humanitarian Pedagogics University “.
In 2000 year I have finished studying in University. Since 2000 year I work in Perm in one of schools.
My school it s № 4.
My work will be to bring up in children a sound mind… That children became educated.
Were able to read and write.
That they were happy in this life… I also see off with them class hours. Where I tell it,
about different cases in our city. As passes through road.
My work with children compels me to be more attentive…My work with children is more difficult
than with adult people and my work is more pleasant me and I have pleasure,
that I can help children.
I shall ask me why I have chosen you?
Why I shall not find man in my country????
I don t know as the answer you my dear friend.
Here in Russia is very difficult to find your right man to be only your man,
because Russian men like alcohol and smoke a lot!
I understand that we live in different countries, but I think that you agree that all ages
are submissive to love and love does not know distances …
Well, I shall finish this letter.
Yours new girlfriend Anna….