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Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 57357)

Hi my new mate How are you? I believe you are fine and you will be glad to give your reply my letter! I am very much excited that I’ve got an opportunity to to get in contact with you. I am Alisa. Probably you have realized where I am from by my name. I live a big splendid state the Russian Federation. I am 33. I’m searching for a guy for true aminty and probably for meaningful relaitonships. If you find me attractive and got interested in my personality, I will be happy to get your letter. I hope you will not allow the lonely woman to get bored. I will eagerly wait for your letter as soon as may be. I hope what is important for you to have communication of adequate people. I don t want to play the games and waste the time. If you reply to my letter, I will provide you with more images of me. So we could see each other better and get to know each other better. I believe you will also send me your picture and give me some information about yourself. I want to learn more about you. I wish you a lucky day and cheerful spirit. I am waiting.

Interested? Please answer ONLY to my private mail box:


Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 57437)

Hello! My name is Alisa
I am so glad you have written to me! I have waited for
your letter very much. To say the truth I even not dared to think you
will write me. I feel really so joyful now. I hope you will smile at
least at my letter too. I search for relations serious as I would like to create a serious happy relationship! and to be the beloved!!!
As for the children, I have no children! I ve never been married!
What made you write me?Or it is only because of the pretty picture? I suppose you are waiting a story about
me. Well, I don t know where to begin from:-).
I am 33 years old , and I have never been married and have no children yet. I am from Russia and I live in Russia now at the
moment. My city is called “Samara”. Now probably you have a
question why this lady didn t find her man in Russia? Because I lost to find my love and happiness here in Russia, the men here don t
differ from those from the other countries much, they can cater to any taste, but the problem with Russian men is that they like to drink alcohol and don t limit themselves in drinking and when they are drunk, they behave very mean, they become aggressive and seek the fight, some of them beat their women and children, I don t want such life for me , that s why I tried to find him, my only true love, somewhere, not in Russia. You know with the development of new technologies and Internet we, Russian women, have more chances to find our love in the other country and many women use this opportunity and marry abroad. Do you have any familiar men having Russian bride or wife? I have a dream in my life, it is not connected with the career
or job. I think the first place in the woman s life should take the family. I want to find my love in this world. I am seeking for the man
intelligent and wise and having a strong personality, able to face and solve problems, share both good and bad moments of our life with me. I do not want a cheater or a liar, I want someone open, honest and sincere, who will never cheat on me and will love me with a very loyal love. I want something forever, not for the short term. I think I don t ask very much. What do you think? What are you seeking for? What s your ideal of a woman? Do you think our search preferences coincide? I hope I was not too
Here I will end and I hope you will write me.

Alisa from Russia.

Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 57707)

Hello How are you ? Did you receive my letter and photo? Do you like my photo? I would love to read your letter. I m looking for a man with whom I can create a serious relationship! If you do not want to continue our acquaintance, then write to me about it. I will be waiting for your reply and your photo. I wish you good evening. Alisa