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Vorgang: 20297

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 57040)

Hello My Dear ,

It has been so long, How are you doing? I hope you do remember me? I am Miss ALISA PENA from the United Kingdom . I remember vividly and with the sense of appreciation that I once in the past approached you for a business relationship which involved transfer of funds with a capital value of Eleven Million Five Hundred U.S Dollars ($11,500.000.00 USD) .

I am glad to inform you that I finally succeeded in that deal with the support of Mr.Raphael Martin from DAKAR sENEGAL who is based in Canada. I cannot fail to inform you how smooth that business went through, the business went successful with the support of this SENEGAL businessman who has eventually become a bosom partner of mine. However, I could not forget your efforts and readiness to help out then so as to partake in the proceeds which did not materialize.

I very much believe in the old saying that one good turn deserves another . Even though the business was done without your active support and participation, I am being hunted by my conscience to extend a hand of help to you in appreciation of your past efforts and eagerness to help me realize this my life long dream.

Against this backdrop therefore, I am happy to inform you that I left a cash value of Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars ($500,000.00 USD) at a Western Union Branch in SENEGAL in your name to appreciate your past efforts in that transaction.This money is actually cashable through the Western Union money transfer system.


Address:via Rte de l Aeroport
and Rte de King Fahd/Rte des Almadies
Dakar Senegal.
Contact Person: Miss.ELaine Amandine

Please get in touch with the above Western Union, identify yourself,and ask them to furnish you with the details immediately.

Note: the western union has already transfer the sum of $ 50,000 USD to your name and address as part payment, they will furnish you the details of the transfer immediately you get in touch with them, contact them without further delay to receive the fund from them,

I once again thank you for your interest to help me and this is the reason why I decided to compensate you with this token. xxx feel free to approach the SENEGAL Western Union to release the fund and transfer it to your name. I have already forwarded all instructions to them to transfer the money to your name with your name and address via the western union money transfer system.

Kindly contact me as soon as you receive this money from the Western union. I am very busy alongside my partner, Mr.Raphael Martin with some projects we are into here in Canada after succeeding in that transaction.I have instructed the SENEGAL western union on what to do as to release the fund to you, so they are waiting for your mail. xxx establish immediate contact with them immediately and inform me.

I am very busy at the moment with the project work, don t worry, i will plan a trip to visit you over there as soon as we are through with the project work, i would be very glad if this money reaches you before my trip to visit you over there soon,

Thanks and God bless you, please extend my cordial greetings to your whole family members, God bless you all Amen

Yours faithfully