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Vorgang: 20183

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 54620)

hello peter thank you so much for your letter anyway i try to send this photo to you and i hope you like it anyway can i know what are you looking for ? me i am looking for a serious and sincere man for me a man want to love me and care me and accept me as who i am a man want to be good to me and good husband and never treat me bad like my uncle

anyway thank you alot for you letter again


Mailnummer: 2 (Mail-ID: 54621)

Dear xxx ,

Thank you so much for your letter again and i am glad and happy to read it and thank you alot for sending me your photo and your info about you anyway 

i want to introduce my self to .

I am Ashley Ramirez born here in the Philippines and my birthday is February 23 1985 i am single and i am alone to my life . Why ? because i am the only daughter of my parent i am not finish my study i am not graduated in high school start my parent past away in car accident almost 15 years ago its so very hard to be alone and i am so very desperate to my life its hard to find a right man because many of them like me for sex yes i know sex is a part of our life but i want to offer my whole life and give my self to the one only to my future husband now i am working to my uncle as a husband its hard because my uncle not treat me good he not equal to me i don t know what the reason why he treat me not good sometimes i ask to my self why i suffer to this kind of stuff i am not a perfect women and no bodies perfect in this world i am not looking for a rich man i need a simple man with a simple life i need a man want to accept me as who i am want to love me and care me and want to be good husband and man at me i know i am tired to be alone and desperate but i know god help me to find a right man for me we have a good partner in my life god help us to find him or her i never give up i am new in the dating site because i don t have a computer and my uncle not allowed to go out me in the house my uncle is so very stupid and idiot sometimes i do mistake he hit me or punch me i know he is not good to me but i need to wait until i find a right man for me i have a simple dream to my life i want to build a strong and happy family with kids and good husband i want to take care of them i want to love husband till the end i hate liar and cheater and rude people i am real and i need a real man too i am understanding and open minded i want to give my 100% loyal and faithful to the man i love i don t care about the age because i know age is a number only anyway i hope you like my letter and my photo and thank you alot for mail me again always take care peter and god bless you all angels always watching to you to protect you and care you


Mailnummer: 3 (Mail-ID: 54622)

thank you so much peter to your letter again anyway i want to say sorry for my english and i hope you understand sometimes my english i can imagine about us me too i want to meet you face to face and i want to see and touch your face and say to me this is real yes you are right its hard to find a right person to us but we need to believe to god he can help us to find a right person to us sometimes we not expected the come to our life because god have a plan why all of people meet and start a good communication and start a good relationship you know peter for me good communication is the best important to start a good friendship or relationship and i am glad to read your mail i know i am on the fucking bullshit life with my uncle but i know someday i get out to this fucking place and start my life with someone special i am happy talking to you but for me i want to see you in person

its hard for me to visit you because of expensive and i think the best way is you visit me here if you have a time

anyway thank you again


Mailnummer: 4 (Mail-ID: 54623)

Dear peter ,

 Thank you so much for your mail at me again thank you alot anyway i am happy to read your letter again anyway i have a one question to you ? i want to go in your homeland but i can t afford to handle the expenses i think i need to find a way to earn money and you know my situation im on the custody of my uncle that treated me so bad i want to see you here but it s hard for me and i am happy because you are serious and sincere and i really appreciate so much thank you alot anyway oi hope you like my photo my uncle take that photo and he send to him friend in UAE in arab man because he want to use me and bring me in UAE to make me slave and i pray to god i leave this hell place and start a new life with some one special anyway peter thank you alot