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Vorgang: 20101

Mailnummer: 1 (Mail-ID: 53648)

My dear friend,

Thank you for finding the time to read my mail even though you don t know me. My name is Adonia Anderson, I am single. I m from Houston Texas USA. I speak English.

I joined the US military after the events of September 11, 2001 left 3 of my beloved family members dead, ever since i have fought against terrorism and those perpetuating it in Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria.

For a long time i have lived like a soldier, now i want to live like every other normal person. I want to have friends outside the military, i want to find love and to be loved, i want to experience what life is like in the outside world, i want to enjoy the freedom that i have fought for, i don t want to live in fear any longer. i really want to spend time with friends and loved ones and to go on vacations too, i can t remember the last time i went on a vacation.

My unit is involved in the ongoing “Operation Inherent Resolve” in Syria ( A war against ISIS terrorists in Syria)

I am contacting you because i seek assistance from a sincere, truthful and reliable person to help me receive a cash box from a Shipping and Securities company (Swift Delivery Service Shipping and Securities Company). I want to quit the military and i hope to start a new life with this money.

The money in the cash box is my share of a money my strike team discovered after defeating and taking over an ISIS stronghold in the City of Raqqa, an ISIS dominated area, just 160 kilometers East of Aleppo, Syria. When we found this money, my team agreed to share the money among ourselves and to keep it secret. Out of the total money, my own share was $8,950,000 (Eight Million Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand united states Dollars) and i am seeking your assistance to help me evacuate my share of this money to your country for safe keeping as i hope to meet you as soon as possible.

For safe keeping and subsequent delivery, i enlisted the help of a shipping company ( Swift Delivery Express Shipping and Securities Company) who registered it as family treasure pending the time i send them a delivery address of my choice. Now i need you to help me receive the box containing the money from the courier company, it will be delivered to you legally as a diplomatic package. All you have to do is stay at home while it comes to you legally and without any danger. Here in Syria we are not allowed to use cellphones or any other communication devices, all we use here is radio messaging to relate with one another within and outside the military camp. As much as i would love to communicate and talk about this delivery, i don t have gadgets such as phone, but i am sure we will meet one on one at the end of the delivery.

I want you to please assure me that my money will be safe and intact if delivered to you, as this is my last hope for a new beginning. I have decided to compensate you with 20% ($ 1,790,000. i.e One million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Thousand US Dollars) of the total money in the cash box once you help me receive the money on my behalf.

My dear good friend, one passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter to a third party, as this will jeopardize all my efforts for a new beginning. If there should be any form of leakage of this information i will be in danger based on my position in the Army. I promise you a safe and risk-free delivery of this package to your home in your country only if you keep this discussion between us.

Thank you for your time as i wait for an immediate reply as regards to my proposal.
Big hug and Kisses
Adonia Anderson.