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How are you doing and family also with your work ? hope all is going well with you.. is my great pleasure and honor sending this offer to you…
am Wilson Micheal from western region Ghana Republic in Africa, from Akoko
Gold, Diamond and investment Fund LTD Ghana,a large Gold and investment Fund, we just discover some mining large Golds in western region Ghana and we are happy and
sincerely to inform you that we need buyers or inverters to come and buy or inverts with our company or better still will we be happy and great full to you, if you can get buyers in your country……..we are also giving you this opportunity to be one of our inverters, we all know that money is for investment instead of wasting it on things that will not give you more income, we will like you to invest with us AKOKO GOLD, DIAMOND AND INVESTMENT FUND LTD and get your profit every year,

We are Lager-scale Gold mining Venture in 1990, after which it
acquired a 509.13sq Kilometer Lager-Scale Mining concession situated at Ki bi and Kwatia in the Eastern Region part of Ghana within the Ki
bi Winnable Gold and Diamond belt according to Ghana’s Geological Survey Map and as evidenced by an agreement executed between the
Government of the Republic of Ghana and the company registered at the
Land Registry as N0. LAB 214 and renewed by minister of Mines Letter date 12 February 2008.
In this regard, we are in a position to supply Gold dust (ALLUVIAL
CONCENTRATE) and Rough Diamonds, Uncut Diamonds) to any prospective
overseas buyer that in turn could play the role of (sponsor /
Financial) towards the exploration of the huge Gold and Diamond Deposits discovered in our concession in line with Mineral and Mining Law of Ghana (1986) PNDCL 153.

PRODUCT - A.U Metal (Alluvial Gold Concentrate) in raw form.

 QUALITY - Not less than 22carat with a minimum purity of 95% or better. QUANTITY OF GOLD- 122kgs at present (Negotiable)
 QUANTITY OF DIAMOND 702kgs present (Negotiable)

PRICE - USD $36,000 per kilo for Gold bar.
PRICE -USD $25,000 per kilo for Diamond.
PRICE-USD  $ 50.000 per kilo for gold dust .
 Our terms are simple; we offer you the best price and payment is negotiable. If you can not come down to the republic of Ghana ,please do read and get back to us as soon as possible for Full Co-operate Offer (F CO). and more Information about us ..
 Should you be interested to purchase the Gold dust and our Diamond or invest. kindly get back to us immediately? You can reply to us on
this information below, or call the manager...
Akoko Gold and diamond field LTD
 P. O . Box 4228KN, Accra- Ghana
   Mob: +233204418837
   Tel: +233540876459
   Fax: +233204418837
   Email:  (aakokogoldfield@gmail.com)
we are waiting to hear from you soon.
 Yours faithfully,
Mr. Wilson Micheal
(Manager )
Have a nice day sir.