057 Mail vom 05.11.2021 - 05.00 Uhr

I know that you are angry with me.
But I repeat, it’s not I who came up with these rules.
Due to the large number of refugees in your country,
your government has issued this law.
Many people come to your country and
start claiming unemployment benefits and poverty.
I will not do that. I will come, I will work.
I already proved it to you when I found work in Moscow.
My visa allows me to work in your country.
I have never been lazy.
I will not depend on you financially. I am a strong woman.
I can overcome difficulties.
But the last time I need your help.
Understand the main thing - you will not lose your money.
I have to go through customs with cash in my wallet.
If you don’t have time to send money now,
then today I will change my ticket for a later date.
Should i do that?
I am very tired here in Moscow. My biggest dream is to sleep in bed.
I really want to wake up, open my eyes and feel you are near.
I probably won’t believe it right away, but I really dream about it.
I often dream of preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner for you.
Have you forgotten that I am a cook by profession?
You will have new dishes every day.
I will bring you breakfast to bed. These are my dreams…
Please help them come true. Help me!!!!
This is the last time I ask for your help.
I look forward to your reply and really hope that it will be positive.
P.S. Don’t forget that I can change my ticket for a later flight.
When can you help me?