056 Mail vom 25.10.2021 - 08.37 Uhr

Anmerkung der Redaktion:
Es kamen keine Mails an den üblichen Mailadressen an. Hubertus ist wohl in Ungnade gefallen. Aber dafür wurde eine Mails Gregor gesendet, die diese dämliche Spinnerei nun fortsetzt.

Gregor hatte für die Dame einen sehr guten Vorschlag, daher bleibt Vita wohl mit ihm in Kontakt. Das ist die Mail von Gregor:

I have a very good idea. You are so beautiful, your are at the airport.
You can work as callgirl or escortgirl. Only one time, maybe two times,
you need to make friends with an old man in the hotel. And then you
want to have enough money for all you need. OK? I think that is a good
idea. Try it out.

Today I had a wonderful day. It was the best day in Moscow.
It is a pity that you were not there.
This fucking bank loan is preventing us from meeting you.
My boss gave me and my colleague one day off. I was able to see Moscow.
It’s a big city. I constantly thought about you that we could walk together.
I constantly imagine how we communicate. We go to the cinema together or
watch it at home on TV.
I often think about how we could go on a picnic. Do you know how to fish?
I always wanted to learn this. Imagine how romantic and fun it will be.
I imagine how we make love in a tent. I think we will have fantastic sex.
You will enjoy my body. I will make new surprises for you.
But unfortunately now these are only dreams and only you can fulfill them.
All in your hands!!!
Today, I visited Red Square. I attached you photo from there.
My colleague took me photo so that I could send them to you.
I hope you enjoyed it? This is another proof that I am not deceiving you.
I’m really in Moscow. And really looking forward to your help.
I have shown and proven this to you many times.
And I hope for a miracle! I hope you finally believe me and send the money.
Today bank employee said that if I don’t pay the loan before October 31,
then they will transfer my details to the court and I will never be able to
come to you. Please, help me and hurry up to send money before this date.
I changed my flight to October 31.
Have you time to send me money. I want to hear only truth from you.
I want to be sure that you send me this money.
Gladden me! I deserve it. I have already passed so many trials and deserve
your help. I am waiting for your letter and I hope you will help me.