055 Mail vom 20.10.2021 - 16.16 Uhr

Again, I am writing you a letter with a broken heart.
My soul is torn apart.
Again, I see that my pleas for help were not heard by you.
Again, I will cry and hope for a miracle.
Again, I will spend the night here at the airport.
I remind you, I only have 5 days!
After that I will no longer have a chance to come to you.
Everything that depended on me, I did.
Now you - It all depends on your decision.
I never fooled you.
I have attached evidence to my letter that I am not lying to you.
I attached a copy of the bank document.
It shows the amount of my loan debt.
I’m telling you the truth! I have a debt.
Therefore, they will not allow me to leave my country.
Help me and send money!
This document was given to me by the bank yesterday to prove
to you that I am not deceiving you.
Do you believe me now?
I will not fail you! I will be the best gift for you!
I need only 300 dollars. You will not have problems to send money.
I already wrote to you that you should send it here
to Moscow (do you remember that I’m in Moscow?)
And you have to send it through any WU or MG or RIA or WorldRemit here.
Have you my full name?
My full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
I’ll repeat once more -
you can send it to any WU or MG or RIA or WorldRemit here in Moscow.
I can easily get money in any WU or MG or RIA or WorldRemit
without any problems.
Notify me when you send money, and let me know that this is
WU or MoneyGram or RIA or WorldRemit.