053 Mail vom 15.10.2021 - 14.53 Uhr

Please don’t ignore my request.
I am very ashamed … This is not the first time I am asking for your help.
Believe me, before asking for your help, I tried all the options.
I’m in a bind.
Believe me, I ask you for help when I myself am already powerless.
And now such a situation.
I want to remind you that when I was robbed in Moscow,
I didn’t ask for money for food or housing.
And this is just one small example. I had a lot of problems.
But you didn’t even know about them.
I always told you about my problems in extreme situations.
Because I don’t want to be a weak woman.
I don’t want that you have such thoughts.
I want to can be your “mainstay”.
And I will never be a burden to you.
Please understand, when sanctions were imposed on Russia, all bank rules changed.
The Russian government has issued a law
that states that a Russian citizen can’t leave the state if he has a loan.
Now you understand why I want to leave this country?
It is impossible to find a happy life if you are not rich or not a civil servant.
It doesn’t matter to me whether a person is rich or not.
I want to be happy!!!!
I feel that there is a spiritual connection between us…
I will do everything to be with you.
Please help me!!!
This is the only thing that separates us…