049 Mail vom 07.10.2021 - 03.53 Uhr

Hubertus, It is very sad to write this letter.
But I have very little time to pay for my ticket.
Sunday is the last day of payment. Please, help!!!
Turn the world upside down and help me, give me money
to pay for the ticket. I promise, I will live up to
your expectations. I don’t know how to convince you…
but I really want to see you. And this is the true truth!!!
When I wake up, I begin to pray that this hell will end and
I finally come to you. I need your strong male shoulder and
your help. A woman will never be a real woman if she doesn’t
have a strong man nearby. I do not understand women who don’t
want to have a relationship with a man. I will love and adore
you. You have no idea what awaits you… you are very lucky
with me. Please don’t refuse help. I’m waiting for your answer.
I need only 250 dollars. This is not a big price to pay for
happiness. The choice is yours. Today is Thursday and we have
2 more days.
Kiss your Vita.
In the last letter I wrote to you that I found old letters
that I sent to you and there were pics. I attached one.
I also found that I sent you naked photos. I am sending this
to you again so that you can see what you lose when you refuse
to send money for my ticket to you. Unfortunately I cannot take
new photos. I already wrote that I sold my phone to buy food.
But I hope these photos will please you, then you will change
your mind and help me.