048 Mail vom 06.10.2021 - 04.42 Uhr

Today I again spent in thoughts about us. In thoughts of our meeting.
I remembered the first time I saw your letter.
I was happy!!!
I already wrote that I am deleting letters.
I am afraid that someone will be able to read them.
But today, when I came to the Internet cafe and opened my inbox.
I saw that some of our letters were not deleted.
I read our letters with tears in my eyes.
In my dreams, I was next to you.
And I was very good in your strong and gentle hands.
I understand…I have little time left.
Only two days and it is possible that all my dreams will forever remain dreams.
But I believe in fate and believe in you!!!!
Today I went to the cashier and she told me not to worry
and she would wait for payment from me until Sunday.
I need to pay only $250 and she will immediately give me booked ticket.
I am very grateful to this woman. She helped me a lot.
She is very worried about us and wants us to meet.
In our old letters, I found pics.
I already sent them to you but I want to send again.
May be you don’t keep your letters either.
I hope you will be pleased…
I will be very waiting for your reply. We can still be happy.
You only need to redeem my ticket (ticket price is $250).
Only thoughts of you warm my soul. I have no one except you.
And I really want to be near you. Please help me. I ask nothing more.
I’ll give you everything and will always be grateful to you for it!
Your Vita.