046 Mail vom 04.10.2021 - 07.47 Uhr

Hubertus, How are you?
Yesterday I was thinking about us all day and I want you to know!
Your age and your earnings are not important to me.
I will work and we can do everything together!
Native soul can all…
And I feel that you are my native soul.
Today I decided that I will wait until October 10.
I have no more strength, I’m tired …Maybe my faith has run out.
But if I don’t have money to pay for the ticket,
then i will go home.
I don’t want to live here anymore… I am very very tired…
I am strong, but it turns out I’m not omnipotent…
I will be very sorry if we can’t meet…
And look into each other’s eyes !!!!
I hope that in these 5 days you will make the right decision…
Please think well…
And tell me the truth!!!!
There is something else I regret…these are my earrings.
I don’t even want to think from the fact that I sold earrings in vain…
Did I really believe in miracles in vain?
It was my memory of mom and grandmother.
Now I can’t get those earrings back…
I hope they bring happiness to the girl who buys them…
One that I didn’t have…
That’s all for today…I don’t know what to write to you anymore…
Please think very well. I need you and your help.
I want to remind you that I found a cheap ticket for October 10.
A ticket costs 27360 rubles - 350 usa dollars.
I already paid $100 (I sold my earrings).
Therefore, I still need to pay $250.
You can send me money here to Moscow also one of these ways:
You can use Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram or RIA.
You must write my full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
I beg you, think well!
You will not regret it when you help me.
I am really looking forward to your letter!