043 Mail vom 27.09.2021 - 09.25 Uhr

I am very ashamed of my last letter.
Sorry that I complained a lot in the letter.
I don’t want you to think that I can only moan and beg for money
from you. It is not true. I am a strong woman!!!
I have already passed many trials on the way to you.
And I really need your help!
Without you, I can’t go this difficult way! Give me a helping hand.
You must be a real man. You must believe in me! You must help me.
Any strong woman even needs a strong man.
I need you! I really need you. I beg to hear me.
I wouldn’t ask you for help if I hadn’t tried all options.
You know that I live in the Airport and work in cafe of airport and it’s not sweet
for me here. Only dreams about you save me.
I already wrote that I sold a camera and a phone to buy food here.
When I just arrived and had no job.
Yesterday I told my my colleague my difficult story.
She was very upset to hear that. She doesn’t understand why you don’t believe me.
She made my photo for you.
I’m really in Moscow and I will go to you, if you believe me!!!!
And really need your help !!!
Therefore, I again tearfully ask you to help me.
And send money for a ticket.
I already wrote to you –
A ticket costs 35000 rubles (ticket + insurance + baggage + flexible
tariff). This is 453 usa dollars or 409 euro.
For my reservation I paid 3500 Russian rubles – this is 53$ or 48 euro.
Therefore, I still need to pay 400$ or 361 euro.
You can send me money here to Moscow (airport Domodedovo) also one of these ways:
You can use Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram or RIA.
You must write my full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
And address - Moscow, Russia.