041 Mail vom 22.09.2021 - 01.19 Uhr

Hubertus, I have two news:
Today is the last day I can pay for my ticket.
My ticket was given to other people - this is bad news.
But I have good news - my ticket was rebooked on 1 October.
I always knew that there are good people on earth who will help me.
Why do you refuse to help me??? Please trust me!
I have never lied to you or manipulated you.
I am in a hopeless situation. This is true!
I am alone in a strange big city and no one except you can help me.
I never had bad thoughts! I will not cheat on you!
After the death of my grandfather, you are closest and dearest person to me!!!
I told you about it a million times.
Please believe me and take me out of this swamp.
From this black life. I don’t want live in Russia.
I want to be happy. I want to give happiness. Believe me, I can!
My soul is open to exploits. It takes a little - to leave here and be near you.
You will feel my love! You will be happiest man in the world!
Just don’t refuse me. This is the last step.
I believe - Fate specifically gives us difficulties so that we can cope with
them and be happy. 400$ is not a fantastic amount to get me.
I understand your doubts and thoughts. But believe me, I also feel pain.
Now I am alone in the whole world. I am very tired of living at the airport.
I dream to come and sleep in a normal bed. CLOSE TO YOU!!!
It is very uncomfortable to sleep while sitting.
I never traveled or thought it was so hard.
But I am ready to go through everything for you!
Please do the same for me. Send me the money.
I hope your heart is not a stone and you will read all my words.
Because I write all this sincerely. It says my soul.
But she doesn’t hear your soul when she sees a refusal to help me.
My fate is in your hand. Change it and I will be grateful to you all my life!!!
Please have time to send money before 1 October.
Or at least tell me truth that you are waiting for me and will do it for us.