040 Mail vom 20.09.2021 - 06.38 Uhr

I understand that maybe you do not believe me.
Because many airports are closed and there are
no flights. But this is not true. Aircraft fly,
but in a limited number and only on certain routes.
My flight will be long because I will make 2 transfers.
It will be 3 different flights. And this is a legal
flight to you. I can get to you 100%. As soon as
I pay for the ticket, I will show you the full route.
I can not do this without payment. Please trust me,
send money and I promise that I will fly to you.
I don’t understand why you refuse me. I need in your help!
I went through so many trials and it would be foolish to leave
everything halfway.
I do not want to return home This is not fair!!!
I want to cry, but I have no force for this.
Don’t think that I’m sitting and just waiting for your money!
It is not true!!!
Yesterday I got job at a local cafe near airport.
I clean and wash dirty dishes.
My new colleague made a photo of me, I attached it this letter.
In cafe I get paid a little money. This money is enough for food.
I was never afraid of any work… My hopeless situation depresses me.
I completely depend on your kindness and compassion.
PLEASE believe and help me!!!
I still have a few days to pay for my ticket. And If you refuse,
your failure will kill me.
I will never believe in miracles, and my life will be terrible.
Bad thoughts come to me every day - you have already changed your
mind and don’t want me. This is true? Tell me truth!!!
Because every day I live with hope. All my hope is YOU!
I love you and I really want to be with you as quickly as possible.
Hurry up!!! I need your help!
I’m waiting for your answer.