039 Mail vom 17.09.2021 - 19.27 Uhr

I understand that it is difficult to trust me.
So many lies and false on the Internet. But we must not think
that all women are the same here. Many actually looking for their
fate or a new life. I person who wants to change my life.
So, we should not think badly of me. And note, please –
I’m not asking you to give me money!
I only ask you in debt. I’ll give you not only money,
I will give you all my love! Try to trust people.
I think God will appreciate your help me.
P.S. Last time I wrote to you that I found old photos that
I sent you. Today I also found the videos that I sent you.
I am sending you one more time. But don’t ask me make new
videos or photos. I remind you that I sold a phone and a
camera to survive here in Moscow.
Video here -
I already wrote to you that I booked my ticket in the usual ticket office.
I don’t know the exact name of the flight.
I wasn’t told this. But I will be told this when I pay the ticket.
I’ll write to you right away. You just need to send me -
$453 (ticket + insurance + baggage + flexible tariff).
Please trust me, because I already gave 53 dollars for this ticket.
And if I don’t pay for the ticket, they will not return this money.
I will lose my money from a visa and from a ticket.
I need 400 usa dollars. I really hope for your help.
You will not have problems to send money.
I already wrote to you that you should send it here
to Moscow (do you remember that I’m in Moscow?)
And you have to send it through any WU or RIA or MoneyGram or WorldRemit here.
Have you my full name?
My full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
I’ll repeat once more -
you can send it to any WU or MoneyGram or RIA or WorldRemit here in Moscow.
I can easily get money in any WU or RIA or WorldRemit or MoneyGram
without any problems.
Notify me when you send money, and let me know that this is
WU or RIA or WorldRemit or MoneyGram.