037 Mail vom 16.09.2021 - 10.05 Uhr

Sorry I didn’t write to you for a long time.
You already know that I have no money.
I save on everything. And on the internet cafe too.
Moscow is a very expensive city.
I never thought that Moscow have such high prices.
Today I went to a ticket office again.
They reminded me that I should leave Russia within two weeks.
According to the rules of my visa,
I must cross the border and put a stamp on arrival at your embassy.
Then I can live and work in your country for 5 years.
If I don’t, then all my documents will be canceled.
I told cashier that I was robbed and now I have no money.
I said that I sleep at the airport every night.
She was very good woman and she said she would help me.
As soon as I pay for my ticket, she will rebook my ticket.
And I can fly out the next day.
And I no longer have to sleep at the airport.
I was happy to hear that. Will you help me?
The sooner you send me money, the sooner I’ll be with you.
I spent a lot of energy and a lot of time.
I gave all my money. I was robbed. Is this in vain???
Really two weeks can destroy all my dreams.
Please help me buy a ticket. I beg you, hurry up…
If I don’t buy my ticket in the coming days, I can never come to you.
My heart will be broken …
I am waiting for your reply and really hope for your help.
I remind you –
A ticket costs 35000 rubles (453 usa dollars or 409 euro).
For my reservation I paid 3500 Russian rubles – this is 53$ or 48 euro.
Therefore, I still need to pay 400$ or 361 euro.
You can send me money here to Moscow also one of these ways:
You can use Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram or RIA.
You must write my full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
And address - Moscow, Russia.