036 Mail vom 15.09.2021 - 13.25 Uhr

Today I had the worst night of my life.
You already know that all my money was stolen.
So I sleep at the airport…
I hardly slept today. I was afraid that someone would rob me again.
I want this nightmare to end. But I have no other choice.
I will have to sleep here again and again.
Because I have no money.
Today I was at the ticket office,
they are waiting for payment for my ticket in cash.
They reminded me that if I don’t pay for my ticket within a few days,
they will cancel my ticket. Please help me!!!
Hurry up and send me money.
Don’t leave me. I’m completely alone.
I don’t have someone who can help me.
I found out how you can send me money.
You can send me money here to Moscow also one of these ways:
You can use Western Union, Moneygram, WorldRemit or RIA.
You must write my full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
And address - Moscow, Russia.
Don’t worry, I can definitely get your money.
Your money will not be wasted. I promise!!!
As soon as I buy a ticket, I will write you full information about my flight.
I really hope for your help. I will be waiting for your letter.
Bye, Vita.
I attached a copy of the police id document to prove that
I was really robbed. Please trust me and send the money
for the ticket. I promise I won’t let you down.