035 Mail vom 14.09.2021 - 14.53 Uhr

Hubertus, I am writing a letter from the airport’s internet
cafe. Here in Moscow.
I have two news: one is good and one is not very good.
Good – My interview ended and my documents was signed.
I got all necessary documents and permissions.
With these documents I can enter your country and live for 5 years.
Next news is not very good…Sorry…
Yesterday I spent half my day at the police. My money was stolen.
When I went to the airport, I fell asleep on the bus.
Someone made a cut in my bag and pulled my wallet.
There was all my money for trip.
I am very glad that they didn’t steal my documents.
When I woke up, the thief was gone. I began to cry and scream.
Bus driver called police and police officers took me to police station.
There I wrote a theft statement. Now police will seek out a thief.
But I don’t think it will be easy…
Because, police officers told me that it is almost impossible to find a
petty thief in big city. To get some money, I sold my camera and phone.
This is small amount, but I was able to pay for time in the Internet
cafe and buy food.
While the police are looking for thief, I need your help.
Unfortunately, all money that was stolen from me was money for my ticket.
I went to the airport to fully pay for my ticket reservation.
The ticket was booked on 26 September.
A ticket costs 30000 rubles (ticket + insurance + baggage + flexible tariff).
This is 453 usa dollars or 409 euro.
For my reservation I paid 3500 Russian rubles – this is 53$ or 48 euro.
Therefore, I still need to pay 400$ or 361 euro.
I understand that I promised not to ask you for money anymore.
I understand that you will not be happy when see this letter.
But it’s not my fault that they robbed me, it could happen to everyone.
And I’m back in a desperate situation.
You know that I have only you. And I can hope only for your help.
I will ask you again: Can you help me?
I have nothing more to say to you.
It is very difficult and sad that it happened to me.
Now I’m going to look for place at the airport where I can sleep.
Answer me as soon as possible.
Bye, Vita.
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My full name is VITA YURCHENKO.
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