033 Mail vom 08.09.2021 - 16.30 Uhr

Hubertus. I have a good news.
The agency took my payment. I can get a visa and leave Russia.
They are waiting for me on September 13 (Monday) in Moscow to give all my documents.
And already on September 14 I can come to you. Or any other day convenient for you.
I can’t believe my happiness - I will finally see you.
I already packed all my things.
Also I gave all my unnecessary things to the pawnshop.
Tomorrow my things will be appreciated and I will receive money.
So I will have some money for small expenses.
Please tell me the IMPORTANT INFORMATION I need to know:
-The most convenient and closest airport to you.
-The most convenient day of the week on which I must take a ticket.
-The most convenient time of the day for which I must take a ticket
(morning, evening, noon or night).
I must know this information.
In any case, I will come to your city. But it will be better if you tell me.
I’m waiting for your answer.