028 Mail vom 02.09.2021 - 08.18 Uhr

I can’t write a big letter today.
I only ask a few questions (I am waiting for your honest answers!!!)
1 - Do you really want to see me?
2 - Will you help me?
3 - Will you send me money?
4 - Can you send money until September 5 (it will be Sunday)?
5 - Do you promise to have time to send money before September 5?
Answer all my questions! Answer me honestly.
yesterday I took some more special photos for you. ONLY FOR YOU!
hope you appreciate it. and understand the main thing that
I am not a whore. and I take these photos just to show you
my beautiful body. and what you will have when I come to you.
these photos are for you only.
I already wrote to you:
My full name - VITA YURCHENKO.
My address: 666014, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Podkamennaya, Nagornaya street 9.
My phone: +79067032263
I asked for 30000 russian rubles!
30000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, WorldRemit, MoneyGram or RIA to my name in Russia.
I told you that I was working as a cook in a conventional school.
And I do not have a bank account.
In Russia, only rich people have a bank account, who have extra
money to keep there. I do not have extra money. Only way to
send me money, is to use Western Union or RIA or WorldRemit.