027 Mail vom 02.09.2021 - 06.33 Uhr

Hello Hubertus!
Today, going to school, I saw many couples in love.
Maybe it was a husband and wife, or maybe just lovers ..
But it’s very nice to watch when people love each other!
I also want to have a loved one and I hope that this person will be you.
I don’t have many friends. Most of all I communicate with you.
During this time, you have become very close to me.
I don’t know if I can come or not. But I really want it.
Correspondence is one thing, but when you can sit next to your loved one …
Touching his face, hair, hands is completely different.
Every day I dream of seeing you.
Today I want to tell more about me…
I spent all my childhood with my grandfather in the village.
My grandfather raised me.
I already wrote to you that my parents died in a car accident.
But I had a happy childhood.
My grandfather was very caring and kind.
Our favorite pastime was reading newspapers.
Grandpa loved to read newspapers and every week I brought him a fresh issue.
We did crossword puzzles and read anecdotes.
After his death, I continue to buy newspapers - this is in memory of him.
I want him to know that I remember and love him.
If he was alive, he would definitely help us meet.
He would have found money for me, whatever the cost.
He dreamed that we would meet.
I told him about you. He really wanted me to leave here
and I had a happy life …
There are only 3 days left and my payment term will expire.
Today i wrote you a very sad letter…
But this is life and the blows of fate you need to be able to accept …
I don’t despair, there is still time and let it be a miracle !!!
Now I will go to church and pray.
Maybe God will hear my prayers …
Yours Vita.