026 Mail vom 31.08.2021 - 08.52 Uhr

Hubertus, How was your day?
Sorry for not writing to you for a long time.
All days I searched for money for my visa.
But luck is not on my side.
My friends don’t have that kind of money.
All my friends are married and have children.
Banks still refuse to give me a loan because I am leaving Russia.
But I have some good news!
I was given extra time. Now I can pay for my documents by September 5.
I have long tried to persuade them and they agreed.
Tell me, please! Can you help me and send me money by September 5?
I can swear on Bible that I’m not deceiving you.
Please, trust me!
Ask your friends for money if you haven’t.
I will give them this money.
I swear! I have no other choice…
I can ask only you. When I arrive, I agree to be your slave.
I will fulfill all your dreams!
Please take me out of here. I will not give you any trouble.
I will work. I can pay for myself.
I am ready for any job. I can wash dishes. To clean the premises.
Any! Just don’t refuse me. Help me!!!
After death of my grandfather, you are most close person for me.
I trust you completely!
Today I tried to record a new video for you, but I couldn’t.
You know that I have an old camera and it breaks often.
Therefore, I was unable to record past videos with sound.
I attached my childhood photo. Do you have your baby photos?
Show me what you looked like when you were a boy.
Therefore, I repeat that you are the closest man to me.
And I hope for your help.
Tell me the truth - will you help me?
Will you save me will you have time to send money before September 5?
Yours Vita.