024 Mail vom 27.08.2021 - 02.37 Uhr

How are you???
Today I saw you in my sleep. I saw our first meeting.
It was at the airport…
You held flowers and a card with my name.
I often think about you and imagine our first meeting.
It was lovely sleep!!! I didn’t want to wake up. I was very happy.
And I didn’t believe that it was only my sleep when opened my eyes.
How do you imagine our first meeting?
What will we do on our first day?
On this day, I want to give myself to you.
Tell me your dreams: What you want? What are your wishes?
I want to fulfill all your dreams! I must know and I must be ready!
I have a surprise for you. But now I will not talk about it.
Believe me, my gift will please you! You will like it!
I promise!!!!!
But, for some reason, I still feel distrust from you.
Most likely, because you never helped me.
Today I will give you another proof that I am real!
I attached to this letter my photo with your name!
Do you remember that I like to draw?
I wrote your name with a brush and paints.
I hope you rate it!
Maybe it will help me…
I hope you finally believe and send me money.
I remind you that I have a deadline.
If I don’t pay for my visa in the coming days,
I will not get my visa and I will never be able to come to your country.
I hope you understand…
Make me happy - tell me that you will have time to help
and send me money in the coming days.
I really hope for a miracle! I hope for you! You are my MIRACLE!
Don’t disappoint me. Fulfill my one request.
I hope for your male support and faith in our future.
Our fate is in your hand.